Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas

It would seem like I have been away for an eternity and for that I apologise to all my friends for my silence. I have been very ill for a few months, but I will write more on that later. This is Christmas time, a time of celebration. With that thought in mind I would like to share with you a video about a very special happening a long time ago. I hope you are as touched as I was.

Best wishes to all for the future..


Tuesday, October 20, 2009


If I could tap into your energy
I would run and I’d frolic all day,
No more I’d be bound, like a stake in the ground
I would be happy and carefree and play.

Believe me it’s no fun, when you can’t breathe or run
And the oxygen is the lifeline each day,
You sure do learn fast, that each day is a test,
While you struggle as you work and no pay.

So believe me, if I had your energy
I could soar like a bird on the wing.
There’d be nothing more thrilling, nor be so fulfilling,
Than to perch on a branch, and just sing!

Eric Valentine
Oct 15/09. ©


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just Bob

All rural places like ours have their share of characters, they don’t always seem to do very much, but they certainly add a little flavor to the general community. Over a period I have written a few little stories around our guy Bob he‘s been quite the entertainer.

The dreary skies hung somberly over the small hamlet. Surely a depressing sight to start the day. This year that had held such promise for the coming season, appears to have failed quite miserably so far.

Our small place this season seemed to have changed quite noticeably, with the ever diminishing numbers of town characters, disappearing into the hazy woodwork of memory lane.

It is amazing really, the effect these town character folks had on the local community. It would appear that their just being there, even as a town character, can contribute to the aura of the place, but being even more conspicuous in their absence.

Undaunted by the changes in local events, our friend Bob, ( he of the chicken dance and Alzheimer’s ), just kept moving through time eternal as though nothing else ever happens, which it doesn‘t in his world, as he ambles through his daily routines.

Recently though when sighting Bob downtown, even he seemed on the verge of change as he emerged from the aftermath of a somewhat tedious winter. Oft times he would stand on the corner just looking, as if to decide which direction he should go. Even the cold weather doesn’t change much for Bob, as he huddles up in his warm coat and goes about his daily business. I sometimes wonder how he dealt with Bob Barker departing “The Price is Right” program, a big part of Bobs daily routine.

We had heard on the grapevine that over the past few months, he had been found wandering around in what were a few new haunts for him.
It was said he had forgotten his way home on one occasion.

His appearance had seemed a little more jaded than usual, and these days he always looked to be in need of a haircut. His Alzheimer’s has worsened and his stoop more pronounced, as he walks ever slower than ever. It seems only a matter of time before he too will eventually succumb to the ravages of his disease, and himself disappearing, into ‘town character’ history.

That day actually came sooner than we thought. A short while ago a friend called us to let us know that Bob has finally had to go into a home, his Alzheimer’s had got too bad and sadly, he had become a danger to himself wandering around.

It will seem strange not seeing Bob on his usual jaunts, him and his dancing like the pied piper down the street. Like the other missing town characters though, he too will become a distant memory of what was from a different time. ~

So long buddy, you will be missed - by some.


Friday, July 17, 2009


I received an email recently from my nephew Harry in England. This is a poem/song that he wrote a long time ago for his "then little girl". It has sat around since those days, until now. I liked it and got his permission to post it here. Hope you will enjoy as I did. Thanks Harry and well done.


The sad lonely scarecrow stands alone in the rain,
cold wet and windswept again and again,
no mirth in his straw heart, no smile on his face,
the sad lonely scarecrow, is a sad lonely case,

Till up comes the sun, with a big golden grin,
and says hi there scarecrow, well how have you been,
I see you are windswept and chilled to the heart,
but I’ll put a smile on your face now, before I depart,

So the sunrays beat down and dried him out to the core,
and the sad lonely scarecrow felt lonely no more,
and now he is happy to be guarding the crops,
it’s nice for the scarecrow when the wind and rain stops.


A scarecrow a scarecrow a scarecrow am I
all made of straw with two round biscuit eyes
with my old turnip head and my fat carrot nose
I stand in the cornfield and I scare off the crows.

H.Valentine ©


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Balcony Windowbox

It’s a nice pleasure after the rigors of winter, to find out the wild and wonderful things that nature is really capable of.

Forgotten are the days of snow, ice scraping and temperatures that would tend to preserve one for an eternity, just like a side of beef!

Here then are a few samples from our balcony, of the miracles of Mother Nature plus a little helping hand from the wife.. (click thumbnails)


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Angel in disguise

If you read the “Case of Circumstance” story then you know about Mom. This then is a very nice heartfelt writing to Mom, from a young lady who cared enough to express herself. Thank you Jayde, well done. ~


Angel in disguise

I never truly knew you, but you’ll always have a place in my heart.
“Well isn’t that just something” Auntie Vi
Cause you left a beautiful mark.
You tainted us all in such a beautiful way,
And I know you will be the one watching over us on those rainy days.
I will forever remember you as an angel in disguise.
I think it was all the innocence in those blue eyes,
I’m pretty sure that’s what gave it away.
You were the guardian angel that would be watching over our family someday..
I’ll miss your laugh and your awfully cute smile..
And that day I came and reminisced with you for awhile.
I would give up my sweetest memory
Just to let you see,
How much you really do mean to me.
So even though, you have passed on,
In my dreams is where you’ll stay…
There we can still dance the nights away.
You filled our lives with joy and laughter,
And that’s something I can hold onto forever.
So no matter how far away your soul may go,
You will always be known as Auntie Vi to me though.
I love you.

Jayde ~ Apr/09 ©


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Daily Burdens

While trying to cope
With life’s daily toils
You raise up your hands
To hold back the tide.

but inevitably -
The water seeps through
The fingers.

Eric Valentine Jan/02 ©


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Of Nicer Things

I was kind of looking forward to a little trip out we made a few days ago. Near where we live among these rolling hills, there is a country greenhouse/farm. Last year when we discovered this place we met the owner, a really nice lady. She was kind enough to give us a few pots for our balcony garden.

This year we went shopping for more plants. However the main reason we couldn’t wait to visit was in the pictures you will see. Her husband is in the import business and boy did we get surprised. Hope you enjoy the pictures. ~ click on thumbnails. ~

These are a pair of Australian Cape Barron geese. They can be quite intimidating so caution is advised when visiting, we called them the guard dogs..

This Black necked swan speaks for itself & does have a mate. Like the aussie geese they are always in pairs.

These beauties caught our eye last year and the only ones we saw at that time. These magnificent specimens are kept in a heated barn over the winter. Her husband brought them in from Cuba.

The most beautiful of all geese, Red-breasted Geese, breed in Arctic Siberia and winter in southeastern Europe, so are perfectly at home in a Canadian winter. ~


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fooled again

Last week we had temperatures in a range up to, believe it or not, as high as 17c. The last two nights nature turned nasty and dumped about a foot of snow on us, the robin is not amused..

Where did the spring go!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

At what cost

This video is a sad reminder of the price the military pays, that we may enjoy the freedoms of our country. We salute you.

Uploaded on authorSTREAM by aSGuest15191


Monday, March 2, 2009

A chuckle

The things a long hard winter will do to you!! ;)


Friday, February 13, 2009

My 009

If I may borrow a phrase from my fellow blogger Swen, ~ Happy Valentines Day to all my fellow bloglings! ~

~~~*** ~~~

To my honey Elizabeth, Happy Valentines Day to you my love. May these few words do justice to the way I feel for you, on this special day and always.

St Valentines Day.

If I had only lived, just one day
If we had kissed and ran away,
If we had not stopped to hold so tight,
I could not sleep ~ alone at night.

I love you now with all my heart,
In my soul, we will never part.
I love you till my dying day,
But first these words I have to say.


Eric Valentine Feb 13/09 ©

Monday, January 26, 2009

My Haiku 2

O’er Sand and Water, Sea of Green.
The Golf Ball-
Soars, as an Eagle.

Playful can be,
At a ripe old age-
A state of mind.

A sleepless night.
The written word-
Demands attention.

Endless days
Sleepless nights-

c'ya ©

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

An Elusive Quest

With the advent of the inauguration of Barack Obama, I think now that the world can take a deep breath. I’ve never spent so much time dwelling on the politics of the United States, both watching, listening and even reading till my eyeballs pop. I’m even half way through a book written by Barack Obama, “The Audacity of Hope”, great book by the way. Such has been the excitement generated by this once in a lifetime historical event.

I think the last time I got so excited over a political leader was in this country, Pierre Elliot Trudeau and prior to that, was obviously JFK stateside. Amazing how at different points in history these men and women take centre stage and shine that light, one so bright you can hardly ignore it.

I have had the privilege in my lifetime to have lived and seen a number of those great statesmen, of course the one that really stands out for me when I was a child, Sir Winston Churchill. Who could ever mistake his importance to the history of his time, along with many, many more of that era. Such were the deeds accomplished by so many brave people of all countries and from all walks of life, during those war years known as WW11.

The war to end all wars is what they preached at that time, of course we all know that somebody somewhere along the line wasn’t listening. The resulting conflicts that have taken place since are getting too many to count, people just never seem to learn, no doubt that will eventually bring the final demise of mankind as we know it……… Come on people wake up and smell the coffee.

This week saw the beginning of a new era and hopefully a new road to walk, let’s walk it hand in hand, peacefully.

In Canada, we do have I believe another great politician in the making, not quite ready yet, but one day, this man will be the prime minister of Canada just like his father, I am talking of course of Justin Trudeau..

Good luck Barack in your search for the golden grail, peace in our lifetime.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Brush n Easel

This being a new year, I gave some thought as to what my first blog should be. It's no secret that the ink has been slow to flow for me for a little time now.

I decided that I really would like to honor Elizabeth and share some of her artwork with you. I love the canvases that she has painted, even though she prefers a low profile. So, what better way to start the year off.

This one was commissioned and called "Undaunted", it is acrylic on a 24x30 canvas board. The clipper ship is named 'Restless'.

"Vanishing Breed" is a 9x12 acrylic on canvas board.