Monday, January 22, 2007

Our Answering machine is Drunk!

Just a few weeks ago there was a sale at the local hardware store. This news itself is not a unique item however; in this case I really didn’t care about a sale at all, it was the wife.

You see they had these digital answering machines on at a good price!
The wife’s words.

Well it just so happens we already have two machines so I didn’t really see the need. Of course the wife had some convincing argument’s in her favor. The first being well the new one is digital and doesn’t need tapes, big smile of triumph on her face that stopped just short of a smirk, Ahem!

Well darling, didn’t we just buy a pile of tapes recently?

Well came the counter, we have nothing but trouble with that thing anyway and the messages always get lost.

Only Mother and my son are the messages we seem to get with any level of frequency and half the time he never even phones! A smile on my face this time, I am putting a good argument for the status quo, I lost that one.

The wife all eager said she’d even drive down and get it, oh well hanging my head to hide my grin. When a woman persists so strongly, you know that you lost the argument before you even start!

We end up with this new toy and she gets it all set up.

Two days go by no phone calls, so we improvise by going out and phoning in ourselves!

This part I really like, the little woman goes in to check the machine and the phone voice said “Ysou slhave sno mensiges. Silence reigns supreme as we both look at each other, dumbfounded, then not knowing whether to laugh or cry, I waiting for a clue from her, broke up laughing. My God its Drunk!!

After much discussion, we have decided to keep the machine, after all, how many people can boast a tipsy machine and not a drop passed its digit!



Singing Stream said...

hehehe Eric...I loved this story..I too have a funny one. My little guy, (32 now) in the same jersey, down to his skates..skated the whole length of the ice to the crowd yelling NO NO...he thought they were saying GO GO, then he scored on his own goaltender. LOL He jumped around like Eddie Shack honestly! The coach patted him on the head and told him he made a good goal!

((((Eric and Elizabeth))))

Singing Stream said...

ooooops...wrong story...

Ok Ok, it's a blonde thing!!!

Eric Valentine said...

Glad you liked the story, even if you are in the Twilight zone! LOL

Please come again.