Friday, July 17, 2009


I received an email recently from my nephew Harry in England. This is a poem/song that he wrote a long time ago for his "then little girl". It has sat around since those days, until now. I liked it and got his permission to post it here. Hope you will enjoy as I did. Thanks Harry and well done.


The sad lonely scarecrow stands alone in the rain,
cold wet and windswept again and again,
no mirth in his straw heart, no smile on his face,
the sad lonely scarecrow, is a sad lonely case,

Till up comes the sun, with a big golden grin,
and says hi there scarecrow, well how have you been,
I see you are windswept and chilled to the heart,
but I’ll put a smile on your face now, before I depart,

So the sunrays beat down and dried him out to the core,
and the sad lonely scarecrow felt lonely no more,
and now he is happy to be guarding the crops,
it’s nice for the scarecrow when the wind and rain stops.


A scarecrow a scarecrow a scarecrow am I
all made of straw with two round biscuit eyes
with my old turnip head and my fat carrot nose
I stand in the cornfield and I scare off the crows.

H.Valentine ©


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Balcony Windowbox

It’s a nice pleasure after the rigors of winter, to find out the wild and wonderful things that nature is really capable of.

Forgotten are the days of snow, ice scraping and temperatures that would tend to preserve one for an eternity, just like a side of beef!

Here then are a few samples from our balcony, of the miracles of Mother Nature plus a little helping hand from the wife.. (click thumbnails)