Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fooled again

Last week we had temperatures in a range up to, believe it or not, as high as 17c. The last two nights nature turned nasty and dumped about a foot of snow on us, the robin is not amused..

Where did the spring go!



Janice Thomson said...

Oh my! That looks very cold. Brrr!
Sure hope it warms up again soon. It is spring here finally and am I ever glad!

sjdesigns said...

I saw that on the news about Ontario getting snow. Spring is just around the corner, Eric. Hope you and Elizabeth are well!

Eric Valentine said...

This weather is nutz! Still it has to change soon? LOL

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Steph, yes it is cold but hopefully after today things will be better.. :)

Roy said...

Hope your spring catches up with my spring, Eric. Lisa is out on the cat porch making friends with the resident pair of Ruby Throated Hummingbirds. Oh, and being cuddled and mauled by the two outsider Girl Kitties. I'm taking a break from Residental Landscape Technician duties. Life is tuff. Still, spring is here ..... coming your way my Friend. Take care.

Leon said...

Well, Eric, we both saw robins this week. But atleast there is no snow where we are visiting our daughter in Delaware. It was even in the 60s today! :~D

Stacey said...

Hi Eric, how are you? I hope that you and Elizabeth are well, and wrapping up warm in this cold spell your having.
Take lots of care :)

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Roy, well I think spring finally arrived today. Sunny and luke warm but we will take it.

All seems happy with you my friend and no CATastrophe to speak of.. LOL:)

Eric Valentine said...

Hope you enjoy your trip to your daughters Leon, things will warm up later this next week for us thank goodness. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Stacey, we are hanging in here it's a long story, but later. :)

Take care my friend.. ;)

Stacey said...

Hi Eric,
A long story? tell me more ;)

Just popped over to wish you and Elizabeth a Happy Easter.
Take lots of care :)

P.S I have posted ;)

Eric Valentine said...

A happy Easter to you as well Stacey, good to see you posting again. :)

Watch the headlines for a story coming soon. ;)

Margie said...

Hello Eric
I hope you are having better weather at this time.
We have a snowstorm here today!
Have had more snow in spring than the all of winter, but we really need the moisture.

Hope you & Elizabeth are doing well.

I am taking a break from blogging.
Just too many things I need to tend to right now and I need to give all my effort to them.
I probably will need surgery on my knee as I have a minicius tear.
Plus I have a sore hand from a fall I took on some ice in Jan.
But am going for physical therapy first, to see if that might help (with my knee)
I start the therapy next week on both my knee & hand.

Take care, Eric.

All my best to you!


zirelda said...

That was my question too. We had 80 degrees and in the last few weekends it's just been snow and snow and hail and rain and sleet and snow and snow.....

Eric Valentine said...

Hello Margie,

I am sorry to hear of the bad news. We will miss you in the blogs but do hope that one day you will come back.

In reference to your health troubles, I really don't envy you having to go through all that.
Hopefully the surgery can be avoided unless it is for the best.

We have a friend who had both her knees done last year. With rehab she is doing fine and now you wouldn't even know she was in.

Do try and look after yourself and stay well, life is too short to be out of the race.. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Z, at last the weather has picked again. Today and yesterday we had temps around 22c ... much better :)

swenglishexpat said...

Patience is a virtue, Eric. When spring arrives you enjoy it so much more!

newnorth said...

hope it's warmer soon :D

Sam!! said...

Hi Eric,

I do hope by now u must be having springs there.. between lovely photographs.. :)

Take care

Stacey said...

Good evening Eric,
How are you and Elizabeth? I hope that you are having a great weekend.
I am still watching out for the headlines ;D
Take care my dear friend :)

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Swen,Newnorth,Sam and Stacey.

Sorry I have not been around for a while, but things have been hectic here to say the least.

I will try to get caught up soonest thanks all for the visits and remarks.. :)