Friday, February 13, 2009

My 009

If I may borrow a phrase from my fellow blogger Swen, ~ Happy Valentines Day to all my fellow bloglings! ~

~~~*** ~~~

To my honey Elizabeth, Happy Valentines Day to you my love. May these few words do justice to the way I feel for you, on this special day and always.

St Valentines Day.

If I had only lived, just one day
If we had kissed and ran away,
If we had not stopped to hold so tight,
I could not sleep ~ alone at night.

I love you now with all my heart,
In my soul, we will never part.
I love you till my dying day,
But first these words I have to say.


Eric Valentine Feb 13/09 ©


Leon said...

Ah, ERIC my friend. You are a true romantic. :~D

Eric Valentine said...

Thanks Leon, it's what keeps one young at heart my friend.. :)

sjdesigns said...

Happy Valentines Day to you, Eric. And wishing you a very happy Birthday!!!!

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Steph, I hope you have a great Valentines also my friend.. :)

L said...

Happy Birthday! Great poem - true romantics... never die...

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you L, romance is what makes the world go round, as do friends like you.....

saves the ozone and is a cheap way to travel LOL :)

Margie said...

Hope it was a happy Valentine's Day for you & Elizabeth.
Such a beautiful poem you wrote for her, Eric!

Hubby & me are in Lamar, Co where our son is in college....he's on the baseball team...they had a game yesterday and we'll be watching another one today.
It's great fun to watch our son play...he had 3 hits yesterday and 2 runs.
We love baseball!

Take care, my friend!


zirelda said...

How sweet. Happy Valentines Day to you both!

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Margie for your visit & comment on my poem.

The day was wonderful, as it always is with your loved one. Nobody knows that better than you my friend. :)

That sounds a little strange hearing about baseball just yet, but the season will start soon, and it sounds like your son is doing well, good luck to him.. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Zirelda, hope your Valentines Day went well for you & Dan.. :)

Judith Shapiro said...

Thanks for the poem. Good to hear from you Eric!

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Judith, nice to see you here again, glad you enjoyed the poem, hope your day went well. :)

forsythia said...

Sweet sentiments for your sweetheart.

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Forsythia for your visit and sweet words.. :)

swenglishexpat said...

Eric, I bet those lovely words were received well! Please feel free to use "my word", blogling, I'm glad you like it.

Margie said...

Hello Eric
Just came by to say, "hi" and see if you had a new post up.
Hope you & Elizabeth are fine.

I'll be going on a mini vacation to the mountains tomorrow.

Take care, my friend!


Eric Valentine said...

They were indeed Swen my friend, hope you are well.. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Hello Margie, I do hope your mini trip went well, I am thinking you went to ski? :)

Keep well my friend..