Monday, December 3, 2007

The Treatment

Have you ever stopped to think about the word “Treatment”? Such a flexible word that can be and has been used down through the ages for effect.

There are of course the most obvious uses of the word, like when you feel ill or catch a bug, an “uh oh better get treatment for that“. There are many secondary uses of ‘that word’ such as the carryings on, between let’s say businesses & unions, ~ they sure know how to give each other “The treatment“ come bargaining time. ~ Kids have been known to give parents the treatment, to get what they want. How do you look after your dog/pet? Nice treatment ~ How do you treat the material things you buy or own, ever think about the treatment they get? ~ You get the idea.

The best use of the word though I think, comes into play when you get into the behavior of people. Have you ever took stock of how different people treat each other, depending on which side of the table you come from or the situation?
How about the wife? Does she give you the ‘Treatment’ if she doesn’t get her own way? ~ Yeah, you know what treatment means at those times, it‘s painfully obvious. ~

Elizabeth and I have a lot of fun. I like to goof around and I tease her an awful lot sometimes, ~ but even I am not beyond getting ‘the treatment’ if I go too far. (Insert a smile at this point)
I think that if I had to be serious most all the time I would go nutz!

So I act the goat, be a comedian, take your pick, for there are a thousand cliché’s for the things I do, just to keep life happy and simple. Of course I could do none of this if I didn’t have such a caring and fun loving partner.

You might well ask, what brought all this up? This topic?

Well earlier today, I was busy trying to solve that computer problem I’m stuck with for now. That’s when the wife chose to say

‘let’s watch a movie‘.

Well normally I don’t like watching movies in the early daytime, I’d rather watch in the evening, so I said no I don‘t want to waste time watching a movie! I had to try to fix the problem & the noise from the boob tube would disturb my concentration. ~ Perfectly understandable to my way of thinking.

That’s when I noticed this distinct cool change in the atmosphere, this silence with the retort ~ ‘fine!’
I always know she’s upset with me when she says fine like that.

I looked at her sitting on the couch, trying to keep that serious schoolmarm look on her face, her with her reading glasses perched on the end of her nose. (She’d make a pretty schoolmarm)

I said “You’re giving me the treatment aren’t you?”

‘Who me? What is that? ~ She said,

I just burst out laughing as I pointed out the schoolmarm bit to her. At that point she cracked up, and we both laughed together, she can never stay upset for too long, as I explained that I had, had a lot of experience with “The Treatment” thing in my life and could tell in a minute that‘s what she was doing, more laughter from the pair of us, as she said

‘I never thought of it quite like that’,

I just looked and smiled for she is just so sweet. Having second thoughts I said to her,

“ Put the movie on if you want, I’ll manage somehow”.

‘Nope! It’s been on too long and is half over anyway’

I looked at her incredulously then at the clock.

“It’s been on ten minutes! If you discount the intro and commercials, you’ve missed maybe the opening credits!”

‘It doesn’t matter now, it’s too late’

She buried her nose in the book she had started reading. I sat there,

“You’re doing the treatment again!”

Elizabeth looked up, a smile tugging the corners of such a pretty mouth, she has this way of rolling her eyes at times that is so cute.
I tease her some more,
“No point looking up there, you’re on your own with this one”.

More laughter and things are fine once more.

This is the way we are in our relationship, it works fantastic and we wouldn’t have it any other way. You see, ~ Sometimes “The Treatment” does pay off ~ mostly for the ladies and once in awhile, ~ Maybe the guys win one.



Janice Thomson said...

How wonderful to hear people working out their differences in such a pleasant way!. Life is way too short to waste it in silly little games or stored up anger. Loved this heartwarming and humorous post Eric.

zirelda said...

I think it's your reaction to the Treatment that makes it pay off. How neat that you guys get along so well. Even during times of The Treatment. :) What a great partnership.

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Janice, lessons can come hard sometimes before we get the message.

Just love our situation today, Elizabeth & I. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Z, yes I can agree with that thought. The trick I think is to learn from previous mistakes and keep things light. We have a great relationship and lots of fun with it too. :)

Singing Stream said...

hehe Eric...obviously you haven't graduated or pushed yer luck to graduate, to the "Hands on the Hips" treatment. Seriously more risky than the 'Treatment'...honest...LOL I tell ya, if 'any' woman puts their hands on their hips, anywhere, even in the presense of strangers, folks straighten right up, right away. LOL True!!

Great writing Eric :)(((((((Elizabeth))))))) hehe

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Singing Stream, hands on hips eh? :)

If a woman has her hands on her hips near me, she's usually ready to dance my friend. LOL

samrina said...

Very well written post Eric...

True you stated that"The best use of the word though I think, comes into play when you get into the behavior of people.".... everyone is different from each other and this is also true no one is perfect, we all hv some strengths n weakness... so its all a game how well we understand & treat people around with differences.

Hope you are well.

Take care

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you once again Samrina, for the visit and kind words.

I think an understanding of all peoples helps immensely in how they treat each other.

Understanding & tolerance works wonders.

Take care. :)

newnorth said...

heheh, nothing worse then being called out on the treatment :p

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Newnorth, yes I guess that could happen too, but you gotta keep it/your cool as well LOL

Leon said...

LOL! Oh yes, I do know the treatment although I have learned that it takes many forms over time and occasionally a new version appears. Thanks for sharing :-)

Eric Valentine said...

Oh my goodness Leon! A new version? Here I am thinking I had it down pat after all these years! haha

Good to see you Leon, you are such a busy man my friend. :)

drips of paint said...

Sounds like you both are winners .... Eric,

You are real lucky guy finding your partner of life to share wonderful moment as well as so so moment... i can tell how much you appreciate her.

you are blessed
keep up the good work don't be naughty school boy ... well but then i know you like getting spanked.

best wishes to you and wife

swenglishexpat said...

Lovely to hear how you solve little "differences" like that. Interesting word that, treatment. Next one on the scale might be "giving somebody the frost" or "send someone to Coventry". Did Brits send people "to Coventry" when you still lived there? Funny thing, words! :-)

Eric Valentine said...

Thanks for visiting in the midst of your busy schedule Tim. Yes we do get along very well and she certainly is very appreciated by me. In life it's nice to know that good things can be a reality. :)

Take care. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Swen, yes words can be funny my friend. 'Sending to Coventry' is a very old one as is 'The cold shoulder' When I was still over there those words existed still, nowadays it's 'Giving someone 'The Gears' Get lost, etc ~ The old one I used to chuckle about was the term, 'Stop Mucking about!'

Have a great weekend Swen. :)

shades of twilight said...

very very cute... i could really picture Liz looking above her glasses.... even i do it at times, according to many friends, though i don't realize it..!

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Shades, it does paint a familier picture doesn't it.

I always think it's so cute also when one peers over the specs, a thing we all do at times. ;)

Augs Casa said...

What a fantastic post mate. This was a fun read and I enjoyed it. Nothing like a little "funnin" as we call it or "treatment" to make life a bit more fun.

Cheers mate

Eric Valentine said...

Thanks for dropping by & the kind words Augs, yes that's the way we see it most of the time, lottsa fun. :)

Singing Stream said...

Craig gave me the Treatment once Eric..I was forever leaving my glasses at home when we shopped, and I would call him over 'please, come and tell me what this says' 'please come tell me how much this is'...finally one day Craig said, 'Dear, I don't mind helping you out, but honestly, folks will begin to think you can't read.' :^0 Yikes!!! I never leave home without them now. LOL Great story again Eric. :^D

Eric Valentine said...

I hear you Singing Stream, that brought a smile to my face.
Craig sure pulled one out of the fire with that touch of diplomacy! LOL

A man after my own heart.. :)

Shameless said...

Now, that's what I call a brilliant lesson for all couples. It sounds like you have worked out how to be a good team. It's also lovely to hear you talk so tenderly about your wife. We need more of that in the world. :-)

Eric Valentine said...

It's working together that makes us the team we are Seamus ~ Therein lies our strength ~

It would nice to see more of that in the world my friend, how nice of you to say that, thank you. :)