Saturday, May 5, 2007

My Haiku

Thought to have a light hearted change. This is my Haiku. More of my poetry not on my site.

Perched on the tip
Of a. motionless pen-
An unwritten word

Standing in,
A state of undress-
Fall trees.

Closed my eyes
Memories invade-
A silent tear falls.

Blades of grass
Often I think of you-
On a cold Winters night.

September 11..
A Tragedy - Forever Etched-
Into the Fabric - Of Time.

Snared, in the petals of a Long Dried Rose
A Tear …. A Memory-
Of a Moment in Time.

North Star Brilliant, in a Blue night Sky
There you stand-
On the threshold of a Dream.

Light shards, pierce.
The early morning Night-
Another Day – A New Tomorrow.



clairem said...

Beautiful words put together to express life in all spaces and times and shapes... thank you

Eric Valentine said...

Glad that you enjoyed my creations. Thank you for visiting.