Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas

It would seem like I have been away for an eternity and for that I apologise to all my friends for my silence. I have been very ill for a few months, but I will write more on that later. This is Christmas time, a time of celebration. With that thought in mind I would like to share with you a video about a very special happening a long time ago. I hope you are as touched as I was.

Best wishes to all for the future..



PipeTobacco said...


I hope that you are feeling better.


Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Professor, it was very nice of you to check in.... things are improving slowly.


forsythia said...

Eric, I wondered where you've been! Glad that you are back and hope that you continue to improve.

zirelda said...

Hi Eric. I hope you are feeling better.

Hugs for you and Elizabeth.

swenglishexpat said...

Eric, I sincerely hope you are better now and well enough to get back to blogging and a more normal life. Mrs Swenglish sends her love as well. Take care!

Margie said...

Eric, I send my warmest wishes for a year full of peace, love and much joy!
I hope you are on the road to good health!
So sorry to know you have not been well.

Take the very best of care!
God bless!


Leon said...

Be well, my friend! Of course, I have been away so long, I'm not getting to say this until more than a month since you posted it.

Margie said...

Keeping you in my good thoughts, Eric.
You are missed!

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you again my friends. I will be trying to get back on track soon. Good seeing you all once more. :)