Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Subtle Things

I sat there waiting, watching and still wondering what to believe. Like millions of others we had followed the aftermath of the Japan disaster. Seeing such devastation left no doubt in anyone’s mind as to the size of the recovery task that lay ahead. Then came the nuclear reactors and radiation tragedy and the whole world reeled in horror at the size of the fallout.

I read a science article of the physical effect on the planet earth, and how the disaster had affected the axis of the world. One report stated that the axis had been changed by as much as eight feet. This revelation is staggering!

It was barely noticeable at first, but this last couple of days something didn’t seem quite right. That’s when it hit me. The sun wasn’t reaching across the room as it usually did, that’s why I was watching. I was up early this morning, for I wanted to test this theory. Slowly the sun crept up to the living room window and started its journey into the room. In the opposite corner we have some tropical plants that are flourishing very well. I watched as the sun rose a little higher, moving along the wall, and ever so slowly across the carpet. Eventually the sun would bathe the whole of the opposite wall, including the plants. They would reach out in all their glory for this daily treat, as short as it would be, then the sun would move on for another day.

I couldn’t believe it! The whole routine was different!

Now when the sun lights up the room, it comes in a little lower and only partially across the wall. It doesn’t even reach the corner with the plants anymore. Instead it travels across the carpet and stops short, roughly eight feet! Can this be possible?

So I ask you, have you noticed any small subtle detail in your life since the Japan disaster? If it wasn’t for the plants, I might have missed it.