Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Angel in disguise

If you read the “Case of Circumstance” story then you know about Mom. This then is a very nice heartfelt writing to Mom, from a young lady who cared enough to express herself. Thank you Jayde, well done. ~


Angel in disguise

I never truly knew you, but you’ll always have a place in my heart.
“Well isn’t that just something” Auntie Vi
Cause you left a beautiful mark.
You tainted us all in such a beautiful way,
And I know you will be the one watching over us on those rainy days.
I will forever remember you as an angel in disguise.
I think it was all the innocence in those blue eyes,
I’m pretty sure that’s what gave it away.
You were the guardian angel that would be watching over our family someday..
I’ll miss your laugh and your awfully cute smile..
And that day I came and reminisced with you for awhile.
I would give up my sweetest memory
Just to let you see,
How much you really do mean to me.
So even though, you have passed on,
In my dreams is where you’ll stay…
There we can still dance the nights away.
You filled our lives with joy and laughter,
And that’s something I can hold onto forever.
So no matter how far away your soul may go,
You will always be known as Auntie Vi to me though.
I love you.

Jayde ~ Apr/09 ©



Janice Thomson said...

What a heart-warming tribute. A lovely poem.

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Janice, I thought so too.. :)

swenglishexpat said...

Eric, I am just trying to catch up with my blogger friends, and I am saddened at the news about your mother. I think I understand how you feel. Stay strong my friend!

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Swen for your visit, good to see you again.

A loss is a sad time in life, but we will come to terms with it my friend as do we all.

Stay well Swen. :)

newnorth said...

very nice poem

Eric Valentine said...

Nice to see you here Newnorth.. :)

Sam!! said...

Beautiful poetry... hope you are well dear friend:))

Take care

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Sam, nice to see you again hope all is well with you my friend.. :)

zirelda said...

What a wonderful poem. A very beautiful expression.

Although the circumstance is sad.

hugs for you.

Eric Valentine said...

Nice to see you again Zirelda, glad you enjoyed the post, as sad as the reason is. Hope you are well my friend. :)

Stephanie said...

Such a heartwarming poem. Thanks for sharing it.

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Steph, glad you enjoyed it... Good to see you again my friend.. :)

TechnoBabe said...

Very sweet poem and tribute to someone cared about and loved.

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you for your visit, it is a very nice poem by Jayde.

Roy said...

Wonderful words of tribute. I do love it.

Hope all is well with you and yours Eric my Friend. Stay safe, keep your health, and be happy. It's all we have.

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Roy, I knew you would like the poem and thank you so much for your kind words. It's always nice seeing you here for a visit my friend.

Each day continues to be a dream Roy, for such is life. :)