Wednesday, January 21, 2009

An Elusive Quest

With the advent of the inauguration of Barack Obama, I think now that the world can take a deep breath. I’ve never spent so much time dwelling on the politics of the United States, both watching, listening and even reading till my eyeballs pop. I’m even half way through a book written by Barack Obama, “The Audacity of Hope”, great book by the way. Such has been the excitement generated by this once in a lifetime historical event.

I think the last time I got so excited over a political leader was in this country, Pierre Elliot Trudeau and prior to that, was obviously JFK stateside. Amazing how at different points in history these men and women take centre stage and shine that light, one so bright you can hardly ignore it.

I have had the privilege in my lifetime to have lived and seen a number of those great statesmen, of course the one that really stands out for me when I was a child, Sir Winston Churchill. Who could ever mistake his importance to the history of his time, along with many, many more of that era. Such were the deeds accomplished by so many brave people of all countries and from all walks of life, during those war years known as WW11.

The war to end all wars is what they preached at that time, of course we all know that somebody somewhere along the line wasn’t listening. The resulting conflicts that have taken place since are getting too many to count, people just never seem to learn, no doubt that will eventually bring the final demise of mankind as we know it……… Come on people wake up and smell the coffee.

This week saw the beginning of a new era and hopefully a new road to walk, let’s walk it hand in hand, peacefully.

In Canada, we do have I believe another great politician in the making, not quite ready yet, but one day, this man will be the prime minister of Canada just like his father, I am talking of course of Justin Trudeau..

Good luck Barack in your search for the golden grail, peace in our lifetime.



forsythia said...

Looking forward to Justin. Meanwhile, I have been re-reading and savoring Obama's Inaugural Address. I watched the Inauguration with my younger daughter, who happened to be working at home that day. The tiny baby-watcher "TV' monitor atop their regular TV displayed a little sleeping 10-month-old. My daughter snapped a picture of baby at the moment Obama said "So help me God" on TV. Then we celebrated with onion soup, shepherd's pie, and TWO doughuts apiece. Both of us know that we have to "inaugurate" new fitness programs. Obama had a swearing-in, but we will have to have a "swearing-off." :-)

Margie said...

Great post, Eric.
I am so very proud to have Barack Obama as our new president.
He has his work cut out for him but I have very high hopes.

Thank you & take care, my friend!

Janice Thomson said...

I found his speech very moving and while hope alone is not enough to solve problems it is an inspiration towards action. He appears to be a thinker and not one with quick glib answers. I have to agree I too have watched more politics these past few months than in my entire life. Our American friends have chosen well.

Eric Valentine said...

onion soup and shepherd's pie is quite a combination Forsythia let alone the dognuts.. LOL

Still what the heck, as long as you're all happy!

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Margie,I think there's a lot of people world-wide that are happy about that also my friend.. :)

Be well Margie. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Methinks that a lot of kleenex were used during that speech. He is quick on his feet and that's what I read in his book,~ he is quite the guy. :)

swenglishexpat said...

Its is exciting times. The whole world is waiting to see what he can/will do, friend and foe alike. It can't be worse then the reign of Dubbya!

Eric Valentine said...

Exciting times indeed Swen.

It has been many years since anybody has had this effect on world news, such as this election of Obama has provided.

I believe over time, many things will be possible, now more then ever. :)

zirelda said...

I love your new picture.

And I agree. I'm excited too!

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Zirelda, nice having you visit. Stay well.. :)

sjdesigns said...

I am really excited about Obama and I, too, spent a lot of my time watching the Inaugural and scan any news about him lately. I usually don't follow politics. Enjoyed reading your blog, Eric, as always. Hope you are keeping well!

Eric Valentine said...

I haven't seen such charisma since the days of Trudeau, it's hard not to like the man Stephanie.

Glad you like the blog, as you can see I gave it a facelift LOL :)

Stay well & don't overdo the packing too much. :)

Singing Stream said...

Nicely said Eric...and I too look forward to Justin forsythia. :)))

Eric..I believe it was our friend cool d that said of Obama, 'so long as his actions match up with the effect of his words, he should do ok' :)

Eric Valentine said...

Thanks for the visit Singing Stream. I can agree with cool D. If Obama can maximize on the strength of his popularity, that can go a long way down the road of recovery.
He does after all have to rebuild world confidence in the United States again... :)