Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just Bob

All rural places like ours have their share of characters, they don’t always seem to do very much, but they certainly add a little flavor to the general community. Over a period I have written a few little stories around our guy Bob he‘s been quite the entertainer.

The dreary skies hung somberly over the small hamlet. Surely a depressing sight to start the day. This year that had held such promise for the coming season, appears to have failed quite miserably so far.

Our small place this season seemed to have changed quite noticeably, with the ever diminishing numbers of town characters, disappearing into the hazy woodwork of memory lane.

It is amazing really, the effect these town character folks had on the local community. It would appear that their just being there, even as a town character, can contribute to the aura of the place, but being even more conspicuous in their absence.

Undaunted by the changes in local events, our friend Bob, ( he of the chicken dance and Alzheimer’s ), just kept moving through time eternal as though nothing else ever happens, which it doesn‘t in his world, as he ambles through his daily routines.

Recently though when sighting Bob downtown, even he seemed on the verge of change as he emerged from the aftermath of a somewhat tedious winter. Oft times he would stand on the corner just looking, as if to decide which direction he should go. Even the cold weather doesn’t change much for Bob, as he huddles up in his warm coat and goes about his daily business. I sometimes wonder how he dealt with Bob Barker departing “The Price is Right” program, a big part of Bobs daily routine.

We had heard on the grapevine that over the past few months, he had been found wandering around in what were a few new haunts for him.
It was said he had forgotten his way home on one occasion.

His appearance had seemed a little more jaded than usual, and these days he always looked to be in need of a haircut. His Alzheimer’s has worsened and his stoop more pronounced, as he walks ever slower than ever. It seems only a matter of time before he too will eventually succumb to the ravages of his disease, and himself disappearing, into ‘town character’ history.

That day actually came sooner than we thought. A short while ago a friend called us to let us know that Bob has finally had to go into a home, his Alzheimer’s had got too bad and sadly, he had become a danger to himself wandering around.

It will seem strange not seeing Bob on his usual jaunts, him and his dancing like the pied piper down the street. Like the other missing town characters though, he too will become a distant memory of what was from a different time. ~

So long buddy, you will be missed - by some.



forsythia said...

As you say, Bob will be missed by some, but he's fortunate to he in a place where he will be taken care of.

Leon said...

Beautiful Eric. . . Having a mother-in-law who has been progressing through the mental deterioration of alzheimers, I know that feeling of watching a once vibrant soul slowly disappearing into a world of her own. Also, it's good to see you posting again. Now if I can just get past my 2+ months of blogsilence.

Eric Valentine said...

That is true Forsythia. It's still a pity though to go through that.

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Leon, yes, you can appreciate what that is about having gone through it yourself in your family. It is quite hard on family members too.

Hope you get over your block, it seems like that happens to all of us, for I too have had a poor year in writing. Better times ahead my friend.. :)

Stephanie said...

Anywhere we live, we will come across people like your friend Bob. My mom calls them "Landmarks of ....(your city/town where you live)" Because there are characters we see day to day walking about and I wonder how they came to be that way. I am sure Bob will be missed by some people.

It is good to read you again, Eric. You have been missed!

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Stephanie, it's good to see you here also.

It has been a long weary year but things will pick up soon. After all , winter is on the way! LOL :)