Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Inspiration comes from the depths of the mind
Which is triggered by the feelings and
Emotions of the body.
That in turn, transcends into an outpouring of words,
Which struggle to actively express,
The torments of the soul.
This is known as Poetry.

E. Valentine 1994 ©

Friday, October 17, 2008

A 2nd Chance?

I was reading an interesting article about Reba today. I had written a few words along that line, surprisingly enough. ~

Just Thinking

To be born again in today’s world,
Could just be a recipe for failure.

With the luxury of having been born once,
Perhaps that’s all one can afford.
For when was the last time you
Opened your windows
To let some reality in.

Eric Valentine Oct 1/08 ©

Monday, October 13, 2008

Willow Park

We were down at the park on sunday, what a beautiful sunny day for pictures. A brilliant sight to behold and of course, there was Ted's music drifting on the breeze..... Perfection.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Misted thoughts

As One

My love,
You are my heartbeat.
But if in time,
You should fail to beat,
So too would I
Then cease to breathe.

Eric Valentine Oct 5/08 ©

Unfortunately the world is full of
‘Gladiators’ who carry the scar's,
They picked up in the arena of life.
They are not always hidden,
By the fine clothes they wear.

Eric Valentine Nov 1994 ©

Monday, October 6, 2008

South is Thataway!

Canada Geese getting ready for the parade.

I have been studying these geese for some little time now.

There is a park across the road from where we live. Beside there being a sizeable lake, there are walkways, gardens and a playing field. This area is a sizeable habitat for a variety of wildlife and the geese in particular.

When not on the lake or some other such mischief, they congregate on the playing field in large numbers especially when the sun is out. The strange thing I found is, they all sit facing the sun as it dips toward the west, in rows almost like a battalion of soldiers on parade. It is very regimentally impressive I have to admit.

I have come to the conclusion, that just as humans have a need for vitamin D, so too do wild life, the birds in particular. Almost as if they are charging their batteries ready for the long flight south.

Of course having the geese around in such numbers, one gets to see them in flight, in their now well known V formation. Which raised another question, why? To which I also formed my own opinionated answer.

When in flight there is always one goose at the lead position, changing one could presume at intervals, moving from the lead down back to the rear of the flock. I determined then, that over the course of their journey, no doubt every goose within that group, would spend a time both leading and also at rearguard.

It occurred to me. What if they arrive at the wrong destination? They would have no one to blame, but themselves. Maybe even, all that honking is everyone trying to give the lead goose directions! Bunch-a backseat drivers! J ~