Thursday, May 21, 2009

Of Nicer Things

I was kind of looking forward to a little trip out we made a few days ago. Near where we live among these rolling hills, there is a country greenhouse/farm. Last year when we discovered this place we met the owner, a really nice lady. She was kind enough to give us a few pots for our balcony garden.

This year we went shopping for more plants. However the main reason we couldn’t wait to visit was in the pictures you will see. Her husband is in the import business and boy did we get surprised. Hope you enjoy the pictures. ~ click on thumbnails. ~

These are a pair of Australian Cape Barron geese. They can be quite intimidating so caution is advised when visiting, we called them the guard dogs..

This Black necked swan speaks for itself & does have a mate. Like the aussie geese they are always in pairs.

These beauties caught our eye last year and the only ones we saw at that time. These magnificent specimens are kept in a heated barn over the winter. Her husband brought them in from Cuba.

The most beautiful of all geese, Red-breasted Geese, breed in Arctic Siberia and winter in southeastern Europe, so are perfectly at home in a Canadian winter. ~