Monday, July 14, 2008


You are mostly familiar with our outings last summer to Willow Park. Since then we have moved and are again blessed with living next to another beautiful park and lake.

When you live in an apartment you miss having a garden. We have tried to resolve that by using planter boxes of various size and shapes to grow flowers and herbs.

This annual is Elizabeth’s favorite. I believe it is called an “African Daisy” (osteospermum), very beautiful and picturesque, so many flowers budding.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Sign

Recently June 20th 2008, was the 100th year anniversary of the publication of L.M. Montgomery’s “Anne of Green Gables”.
As part of that event so long ago, the history that followed is known worldwide.

Norval, a small town not far from here has a small memorial garden that was created in her honor, and the fact that she spent part of her life living there from 1926-1935 along with her husband Presbyterian Minister, Ewan Macdonald.

This photograph is of a section of the memorial garden. There are a number of dedication signs on pedestals throughout the garden and pavilion area. The reason for my attention to this particular one, speaks for itself, and the muse for my writing. (clickable thumbnail)

Eric Valentine © C'ya

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Surf n Sale

Who said "Trunk sailing” wasn’t exhausting!

Last week we went through the newspapers looking for garage sales. It’s amazing how many of them there are each summer. Having just moved, we were in the market (pardon the pun) for a few items.

How different things are nowadays. Today we used the computer map-quest search, for all the street names we didn’t know. Plotting a route to take in our onslaught for the goodies. It’s amazing how many people get themselves out there ‘in the hunt’. Long caravans of vehicles practically racing each other to see who can get there first, ~ ‘follow that van!’.

Whilst in the planning stages I got a little curious. I remembered the English TV program “ Steptoe & Son” the ‘rag and bone men’ from the successful BBC series. I remembered the same people in real life from when I was a kid growing up in England. That brought to mind other well known names related, I thought, like trunk sales, rummage sales, garage sales as well as the famous ‘Flea Markets’. I decided to google the origin. ~ What a pleasant surprise and such a good read. This is the link:

These are part of the loot from our sojourn into the world of sometimes mad, who said it doesn‘t pay to get ready to rumble!

BarBells for exercising. $5.00

Cabinet to hold microwave.. $4.00

Finally what I figured was 'The Prize' ~ Marble Chess set $1.00!!

We arrived home, feeling a little like “Fagan from Oliver Twist!” having picked someone’s pocket.