Sunday, June 22, 2008


I haven’t done much of anything this last few days. Maybe it’s the weather but I don’t really think so. Since we moved a month ago life has been somewhat different with a smattering of chaos thrown in. Apart from us having to try and get things back in order in our new place, it’s been hard to get motivated at times.

In the beginning there was such an excitement for finally getting away from the old place and all its problematic headaches. Lately though for myself, I have felt a little sadness. I do believe I actually miss some of the stuff from our last home.

The most natural thing are the birds, we don’t get the same kind of birds where we are now, and can you believe I miss seeing Bob! Yes! Bob of the Alzheimer’s, the chicken dance man and remember, the new name on our Christmas card list? ~ That Bob.

I have on occasion found myself talking to Elizabeth about him and worrying if he is still alright. We found ourselves looking for him when we were driving in town. For the longest time we saw nothing, then finally one day we spotted him. Poor Bob, here it was a scorching hot day and he was still wearing a winter coat and needing a haircut badly.

It’s nice though when you stop and talk to him. At first he looks at you quizzically, not quite remembering who we are. Then you see his eyes start to light up as a glimmer of memory eventually registers with his thinking. That’s the way Bob, you haven’t forgotten us after all! It just takes a little time, but then a smile lights up his whole face.
We chat briefly, then we tell him “You really have to get a haircut Bob”, another smile crosses his face.

We drive on and I am surprised, suddenly I feel a lot better about the day.

God, is this what getting older does to a person? Am I becoming my brothers keeper? It has to be the way the world is going! ~

To hell with it all. Have a great day and live it up.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Downloads & Upgrades

A few weeks ago Elizabeth had her cardiolite stress test. Last week while talking to her mother, she learned that her mom is going for the same test in a couple of weeks time.

A couple of days ago we ran the truck in for an oil change and usual checks.

Tonight while waiting for supper, mom was on my mind. It occurred to me that I wasn’t aware that she had any heart problems, even at 82 years of age. So why the test?

I’ve never been a doctor, a mechanic, or somebody in the field of education. What I have been, is someone from the old school. I completed my schooling at 14 years of age. That is what the norm was when I was young, unless you were fortunate enough to further your schooling in college, or some such educational institution.

What has all this got to do with mom and her test you might ask? Well, I have been one of those people who always marvel at the human body. Nobody needs to tell you what a complex piece of equipment we are, you and I.

Just think of all the component parts that collectively make us tick. When something is not quite right the body lets us know in a hurry and off to the doctor we go, for a systems check up.

I often compare the human body to the automobile. That too has all its component flowing parts, the oil, coolant and electrical systems. The vehicle complete with the engine and other minor parts works very much like its human counterpart. It also lets you know when something is not right, just check your mechanic’s bills for proof of that.

Oft times when I get into a conversation about somebody’s illness or symptoms of a problem, that’s when I start making the comparisons, sort of a form of an analogy. I am surprised sometimes how accurate it turns out.

So getting back to mother, I do know she has had some bodily ailments, so possibly this is what has lead to the diagnostic test, not that it is the heart directly. However whatever effects the organs of the body, will surely reflect on the heart, so it all makes sense.


Monday, June 16, 2008

Night Sky

Two more storms last night, more rubber shoes for Elizabeth! ~

This is a picture after the storm, moving away.


Friday, June 13, 2008

Zap Bang Wallop

Crack! Boom!

“That’s it!” Elizabeth exclaimed and heads for the closet. “What are you doing?” I ask. “Putting on my sandals. I hate thunderstorms.” I look at her feet, “And the sandals will protect you?” “Yes, the rubber soles could save my life. You should put yours on.” Well no, a doubtful expression on my face.

I realize Elizabeth has had more than her fair share of close climate encounters and once lived in a place that was hit several times by lightning. I feel we are pretty safe here though.
She’s eyeing the maple tree outside. I know the bathroom and kitchen are off limits for now. Sigh.

“You know that’s a myth, about the rubber soles?”

“Yes, my sandals will not prevent me from being hit by lightning. But, years ago a neighbor of mine was struck. The lightning came through the kitchen sink faucet from the lake and he had his hand on the counter. It shot up his arm, down his whole body to his running shoe. Huge scar.
The hospital said the rubber sole shoe saved him. Probably sleeps in them now. So, myth or not, these sandals give me comfort and I’m not taking any chances. You shouldn’t either. Damn! I hate thunderstorms.”

(At least she is in an awareness state of mind because of her belief I thought.)


Elizabeth was beginning to remind me of my Mom. When I was young we used to have a small add on to the kitchen in the old house. Often we would put our bikes in there, especially if it was storming. When the thunder and lightning came, my mother would run out and put towels over the handle bars. I’m convinced she thought she was hiding the metal from nature and the storm.

I watch my wife as she changes the placemats on the dining room table. “Are those the non-conductive mats, Honey?” Big smiles right across my face!

Uh oh, Makes a beeline for the door!


Monday, June 9, 2008

It just goes to show

A number of years ago I was living in a second floor apartment, then I finally got the opportunity to move to the ground floor. Have you ever experienced the difficulty of doing a move when your health is impaired? So I needed help.

Anyway I asked around if anyone could recommend a mover and I got these guys. I was never so impressed in my life at the job they did for me on that occasion. They were so thorough and affordable I would recommend them to anyone. On the upstairs move they even placed everything in exactly the same position downstairs, that the object had previously occupied, including a bag of garbage that I had set to one side, now that is thorough.

Going to a different area, the move this time definitely required the movers and a truck. Isn’t it amazing just how much stuff one acquires in a short time.

Below is an email the wife sent to her friend for it says it all, boy were they having a chuckle!

Just got the computers set up and we're back online....:)....Wow....what a week.....

Eric's physiotherapist was able to help me last Wednesday morning for 3 hours and between the 2 of us, we filled her van twice and our truck and took the computers and fragile stuff over to the new apt. Initially we were a bit concerned about the movers because they said there was no top on their truck (they had tarps) but fortunately it was a sunny day.
Eric had used them before for moving from an upstairs apt. to downstairs. They arrived at noon.

I smiled when I saw their truck, said to Eric, who was still indoors at the time, 'You're going to love this'. LOL

Talk about a redneck truck!

The guys worked extremely hard for the next 3 hours...they had blankets and tie-downs and were more careful and efficient than any movers I've ever seen....absolutely wonderful. Cost.....$200. We had gotten prices previously of $400 from other movers.

Been pacing ourselves with the unpacking....perhaps 1/2 unpacked....Eric is getting his exercise walking from the east wing to the west wing.. This place is so huge!....LOL:) “

Just goes to show, it’s that the job got done. ~ Never mind the how!