Friday, July 17, 2009


I received an email recently from my nephew Harry in England. This is a poem/song that he wrote a long time ago for his "then little girl". It has sat around since those days, until now. I liked it and got his permission to post it here. Hope you will enjoy as I did. Thanks Harry and well done.


The sad lonely scarecrow stands alone in the rain,
cold wet and windswept again and again,
no mirth in his straw heart, no smile on his face,
the sad lonely scarecrow, is a sad lonely case,

Till up comes the sun, with a big golden grin,
and says hi there scarecrow, well how have you been,
I see you are windswept and chilled to the heart,
but I’ll put a smile on your face now, before I depart,

So the sunrays beat down and dried him out to the core,
and the sad lonely scarecrow felt lonely no more,
and now he is happy to be guarding the crops,
it’s nice for the scarecrow when the wind and rain stops.


A scarecrow a scarecrow a scarecrow am I
all made of straw with two round biscuit eyes
with my old turnip head and my fat carrot nose
I stand in the cornfield and I scare off the crows.

H.Valentine ©



Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

lol that was adorable. Did his daughter like it?


forsythia said...

Your nephew should find someone to illustrate his poem and get it published as a book for children. Maybe he could even include a short history of scarecrows on the overleaf at the back of the book. Our grandson, age 6, recently asked what scarecrows were good for.

Eric Valentine said...

Hello T, I am so glad you enjoyed it. I am sure his daughter just loved it, after all, it was special..

Thanks for your visit here. :)

Eric Valentine said...

That is a good idea Forsythia, I will mention it to him. Thank you for your words of encouragement my friend.. :)

Sam!! said...

Thats so sweet n cute... yeah wel done Harry :))

Thanks for sharing dear :))

Hope you are well there.

Take care

Eric Valentine said...

Thanks for dropping by Samrina, glad you enjoyed the Scarecrow.. :)

Be well my friend.

zirelda said...

How cute. Something to definitely smile about.

Thank you for that today.

Margie said...

I enjoyed the poem very much, Eric!
Glad you shared it here!

So nice to be visiting you again & I do hope all is wonderful in your life!


Eric Valentine said...

You're welcome, glad you like Z, you should smile every day.. :)

Eric Valentine said...

This is a very pleasent surprise Margie, so nice to see you back again.

I do hope things are well with you and we shall see you more on these boards.

Each day is a gift Margie and we are thankful for that my friend.

Glad you enjoyed that poem from Harry.. :)

newnorth said...

cute song :D

Eric Valentine said...

Thanks for dropping by NN :)

Margie said...

Hello Eric
Hope all is well with you!
You are missed!


forsythia said...

Eric, Hope all is well. Hope to see a post from you soon.

Stephanie said...

I have been thinking about you and wondering if you are well. Perhaps you are enjoying the Fall season.

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Eric Valentine said...

Hi Margie,Forsythia and Stephanie. Sorry I have not been in here for awhile but this has not been a good year so far.

Health problems have really been a plague to now, but I think an end is in sight to all that. I really do appreciate you all calling and enquiring, it's nice to of you to visit and you are always welcome.

I will try and get the ball moving soon even though the wheels will be a little rusty to start. :))