Sunday, July 22, 2007

Whispers In The Willows

The air is full of old cliché’s nowadays. ‘The older you get the worse one gets?’ I don’t think so! ‘The best things in life are free’ we can go along with that, but then our needs are few, in order that we be happy.
‘Life is what you make it’. I can’t argue with that one.

The whole point to this preamble is, yesterday we had a great day, and all we did was go out to our ‘special’ park again and sojourn with mother nature for about three hours. Of course now on these excursions, we take along a packed lunch making it into a picnic. On these occasions the camera is a must, for there is no telling just what we will bump into each time we visit. ~ Today certainly was no exception.

Every time we go the park I seem to say the same things over and over. “I feel that I should sit and do an article about this place,” for each time we go I am moved by an urge to write.

Could it to be because of the peaceful tranquility that just seems to flow over you and envelope you in its embrace.
Or perhaps it just may have been the ghost of Lucy Maud Montgomery, Author of “Anne of Green Gables”, who used to live in this area for a while. Adjacent to the park, there now stands a beautiful memorial garden in honor of her. ~ Whatever the reason, the urge to write is always there!

Today the sun was shining brilliantly, occasionally peeking out from behind convenient white puffy clouds, that sailed along like ships in the night.
The temperature was very comfortable, with a light breeze, just sufficient to make the tree tops sway, in rhythm to the whispering sounds of the rippling stream. Happily, three American goldfinches flirted with the glistening waters, swooping and dancing then swooping yet again.
Further along closer to the wetland the bullfrogs could be heard honking their deep throated call. The vibrant chirping and singing of a cardinal rang out from a nearby tree. Overhead could be seen a gliding hawk, scouting the area for a morsel for lunch no doubt.

We sat for a while and had lunch ourselves, all the time surrounded by the sounds of nature, such music to the ears. ~ In the distance the sounds of happy children & their parents, as more visitors arrived at the park.

We wandered over to the wetland area to a chorus of calls of the bullfrogs once again. Standing on the wooden patio platform, one can lean on the rail and get a good view of the whole wetland terrain. Before long a couple of frogs came near, I thought they would pick up a hapless moth that had come amiss on the pond water, but no. Instead one sizeable frog came ashore. At first it seemed to sun himself but I guess he had his eye on a good sized bug that was flying around, more meat on that one I thought as I spotted them. However it was not meant to be as the bug went on his way the frog meanwhile, still sat there.

Elizabeth ever vigilant, decided to try and get close without scaring him away, and yes! She got a very good picture of our friend.

During our visit we explored some more, to see what else was different today that maybe we could photo and spirit away to go with the other souvenirs from previous visits.

We had been by the bridge a little earlier and heard the sound of a bird not very familiar to us. Then we spotted him landing on the branch of a nearby tree. The wife went to work right away with the camera. She was successful in getting a couple of shots and more when he decided to alight on the rail of the bridge, this was our lucky day! We are still not quite sure what kind of bird it is, it does look a little like a larger Robin except he has spots on his breast and his head is a somewhat different shape than a Robin, we have got to look that one up. So far the possibility is maybe a juvenile robin, but the spots are misleading.

We moved on eventually, making our way over the bridge ready for our departure, walking up the steep sides of the hill. Stopping for a moment that I may catch my breath, I noticed a very weathered tree, that at that level I thought, would make a good photograph.

At the top of this garden of magnificence there stands a grand looking house. The occupant of the house certainly provides such pleasure with their choice of music regardless of whether they are aware of the fact. They play the haunting strains of classical music from the Masters, which seems to simply float on the air as we wander around the park. Truly, Whispers in the Willows. A whole different World.



newnorth said...

Nature is awesome, well when it's not being cruel :p

They have been putting up trails here lately. Wooden paths that go thru places no one ever wanted to go. One starts at the back of a grocery store. I don't quite get it.

Eric Valentine said...

Yes Newnorth nature is the boss, that's how come it survived for so long.

There's a song about boardwalks I believe. One day yours down there will be equally famous. :)

swenglishexpat said...

Wonderful, poetic scenery as you describe it.

Eric Valentine said...

Thankyou Swenglish for such a nice compliment and your visit.

I am always pleased, when what I post is also enjoyable to others such as yourself.

drips of paint said... sounded like you are just doing great at your age...bravo

Perhaps it is the thinking or it is the woods around you and most likely it just are both...

great scenery and journey among your visit...enjoy so much thevariaties of incidents that you and wife taken in during your give me color and I am sure I'll look around more in your spirit next time I go out.

Oh.//..the frog photo is just darling
your last post...
I think is cool

keep having your good time & take care!

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Tim! They say you are as old as you feel and the years are but a number, so the thinking it is! :)

Like a lot of people I have my health problems. It's important that we get out and enjoy life while we may. True I have to work hard at staying well and in doing so... I am.. :)

As in all things, attitude accounts for many successes in life. Have a good day my friend. :)

Marthyan said...

‘The best things in life are free’ we can go along with that, but then our needs are few, in order that we be happy. Very True

My friend, I am still in hybernation with the arrival of our son, Diapers, feeding and what not, will catch up soon

Eric Valentine said...

Marthyan my friend, it's so good to see you.

We think of you often and hope that things are well with you and your family. We do check in with your blog periodically to see if you have produced a poem.

Family has to come first always, your young one has to be the most precious jewel you have right now.
Good luck with the diapers, see you soon.

shades of twilight said...

the more i read, the more i love your way of writing..! and the accompanying pictures are spectacular..! thanks a lot for sharing

Eric Valentine said...

Shades! You are always a such a welcome visitor, and I am so glad that my writing pleases you.

I enjoy equally, the pictures that you share at your site, always such interesting subjects. :)

DreamCatcher said...

The photos are lovely and so is the post!It's always the little things in life that make such a lot of sense...

Augs Casa said...

Mate, you have no idea how much I enjoyed reading this piece. I really needed it too. Kudos to you for the simple things.

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Dreamcatcher. It's always nice to greet a new visitor.

I'm happy you enjoyed your stay here, the pictures and my words.

The absense of little things, are the ones most noticeable. I appreciate your imput. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Welcome Augs my friend, it is always good to see you here.

Life can have its trials and tribulations I know. I am just glad that what I posted was able to meet your needs for this day.

Have a good day and please visit again. :)