Tuesday, October 20, 2009


If I could tap into your energy
I would run and I’d frolic all day,
No more I’d be bound, like a stake in the ground
I would be happy and carefree and play.

Believe me it’s no fun, when you can’t breathe or run
And the oxygen is the lifeline each day,
You sure do learn fast, that each day is a test,
While you struggle as you work and no pay.

So believe me, if I had your energy
I could soar like a bird on the wing.
There’d be nothing more thrilling, nor be so fulfilling,
Than to perch on a branch, and just sing!

Eric Valentine
Oct 15/09. ©



Margie said...

Very moving, Eric!

Joy and blessings to you my friend ....so glad you are back.
You were missed!


Sam!! said...

Hi Eric,

Energetic words.. :))

Great to see you back.. hope you doing fine there..:))

Loads of prayers on ya way dear friend.

Take care

forsythia said...

Glad to see another of your poems.

COPD is no fun. My father in law suffered from it.

Leon said...

Yet somehow you do sing Eric! Even with the limitations of COPD, your voice and your spirit comes through loud and clear. Your physical energy may be limited but your mind and ability to share your writing with us reflects the energy of your mind and heart. Thank you!

cyclopseven said...

Motivating piece.

PipeTobacco said...


I have been participating in a writing group as of late. One of the fellows in the group started me on a meme in which I need to tag additional prospective writers. I am tagging you and you may learn more about it here:


Obviously, it would be fun to have you participate, but I understand if you choose not to do so.


Eric Valentine said...

Thank you everyone for your comments, sorry it took so long to get back in here to reply, will bring you up to date later.. Take good care my friends, I hope you are well.. :)