Friday, July 27, 2007

Art ~ Rich Gems

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I look at all the places I visit on the internet, and am in awe at the rich gems that people share with one another. I am speaking of course about different blogs. Like most people who are swept up in the magical world of the net, daily it seems, I jump onto the flying carpet and start my search for a grail.. This morning I visited two blog sites, in order to get my day under way.

It was the content of those two sites though, that really gave me a boost to start this post. I went first to a new found friend, he is a wonderful painter, a real artist. His was the site that really opened my eyes, with a display of his work and a very nice success story, his first exhibition and sales of his creations, such wonderful work, of “Plein Air Painting.”

I am lucky to have a successful artist right here of my own, with Elizabeth who is a pretty good painter herself. Of course styles do differ and that’s what makes art what it is. The wife has painted a number of canvases, most of which she did in acrylics. Acrylics are different to work with because they dry so much faster than oils. Her Tiger is on a 14x18 canvas board.

In thinking more of the riches of the net, ‘Gems’ do come in different fashion.

I speak now of the world of literature. It has really amazed me as I go from site to site, just how many really good writers there are out there. At least two of those is where I visited this morning, during my rounds. That is what prompted me to come up with my opening sentence .
It brought to my mind that old saying of “What if.” I was thinking of course, in terms of the era before television and possibly even radio, let alone the computer age. I wondered if, years ago there was the same talent pool opportunity that is around us today and accessible just because of the internet?

If the answer is yes then oh my! What a crying shame and such a waste. In thinking of all the well known poets and writers of a bygone age. One wonders, or at least I do, how did they get their rise to prominence?
More is the pity for those that didn’t make it, but I am sure appreciative of the ones that did.
Where would we be today without the likes of William Shakespeare, Byron, Keats and Shelley to name a few. God forbid that Charles Dickens would not have come along. Such wonderful stories there and what about my “Christmas Carol?” played so brilliantly by Alistair Sim (can’t you tell he’s my favorite)

The little girl in 'Contemplation' is on a 10x12 canvas.

The whole thing is though, there is such a multitude of talented people out there and we the denizens of the net, certainly reap the benefit. I applaud you all as I devour all you produce. Thank you.



drips of paint said...

Hi Eric,

So nice to see you left a few words at my painting site...and more surprise when I come over clicking on your link of "exhibition"...thank you so much for being so sweet and encouraging.

Thanks to blogging I too have been blown away by all the different expression of artform around. It has changed me in how I look at creativity... I have never written anything and now I go around to look at blogs with writing and peotry, I never thought I would be doing something like this. Speaking of peotry I now see that you have a site with peom and I'll go over to read them.

Elizabeth work is stunning, I can tell that painting is very soothing for her and there is a lot of care and contemplation went into her paintings. The 1st feeling I got from the piece with the little girl is indeed introspection. The composition of it too is simply intriging...a very well done piece. The tiger is definitely looking into my soul, I say....and you do have a very successful artist of your own my friend.

This is a very nice post giving affirmation to blogging...thanks Eric

take care

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Tim,

You are well deserving of any praise for your fine work my friend. We appreciate that you visit with us and leave us with such fine thoughts. Poetry was the first thing I started writing and I got carried away from that point on. I thank you so much for your comments Tim.

Elizabeth says thank you too Tim for all the fine and eloquent words you shower on her paintings.
She feels very special when she receives such high praise from a fellow artist such as yourself.

I will post more of her work as we go along. Have a great weekend my friend.

Take care

newnorth said...

I think this art is cool

Elizabeth's work looks really nice. I like the artist capturing an artist :) The tiger is awesome (my high school mascot was a tiger)I don't see how she had the patience to do the fur!

Eric Valentine said...

Most all forms of art are good to look at Newnorth. I have seen that one before and it is unique, thanks for the link.

The tiger did take a lot of patience I know.

Maybe one day I might take a try at painting. Take to the hills!! :)

Leon said...

Eric - the poet side of you might want to visit BillyBlog (I think it's That's my oldest son who is a poet at heart and an HR Manager by day. He writes a lot about poetry and music and links to some interesting places.

Enjoyed this post. Looking forward to more.

- Leon

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you for the visit Leon and the info about BillyBlog. I took a fast trip over there and will take a more in depth look later, that's quite the blog.

Glad you enjoyed. :)