Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Balcony Windowbox

It’s a nice pleasure after the rigors of winter, to find out the wild and wonderful things that nature is really capable of.

Forgotten are the days of snow, ice scraping and temperatures that would tend to preserve one for an eternity, just like a side of beef!

Here then are a few samples from our balcony, of the miracles of Mother Nature plus a little helping hand from the wife.. (click thumbnails)



Roy said...

Mother Nature works such wondrously beautiful miracles, tiny though some of them are.

Methinks your Lady is a fine assistant for the miracle worker.

Have a good one you two. Be safe. Be happy!

Eric Valentine said...

Thanks for the visit Roy, the flowers are lovely and we just had to post them. It's amazing how much we grow on the balcony, such a pleasure.

You and your fine lady take care and enjoy yourselves also.

forsythia said...

A "few" samples, you say? Wow, your balcony must really be something to see! I bet the bees appreciate your urban gardening.

Eric Valentine said...

Hello Forsythia, a few yes, I couldn't possibly post every picture. LOL

We also have herbs and tomato's growing. It's a good size balcony, but there are limitations to all things.

Stay well. :)

Leon said...

Beautiful! Magnificent photos! Thank you Eric. :~D

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Leon, thank you my friend for the visit, yes they are very nice. :)

newnorth said...

beautiful. I had a teacher in fourth grade who didn't believe there were pink and white flowers... we had to color realistic colors.

Eric Valentine said...

Hi NN, don't you just hate teachers like that.. Hope you are well my friend. :)