Tuesday, March 24, 2009

At what cost

This video is a sad reminder of the price the military pays, that we may enjoy the freedoms of our country. We salute you.

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forsythia said...

Very touching. Made me cry a little. You hate to think of the grief and broken hearts riding along with that proud procession.

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Forsythia, it's hard not to be touched by the show of support and the music sure does justice to the men who died.
A great piece.. Brings a lump to my throat.

Stacey said...

Hi Eric,
I hope that your well :)

It is hard not to be touched by this, it certainly pulled at my heart strings.

Take lots of care ;)

Eric Valentine said...

Stacey, nice to see you here again. I keep checking your site for a post, I guess things are not sorted for you yet.

Yes that would touch everyone I agree.

Keep writing and stay well my friend.. :)

Roy said...

It brings a tear to these old eyes. Those of us who came back alive have much to be thankful for, not the least of which is the support shown our fallen brothers of all nations.

That reception for those fallen heroes was magnificent.

Take care Eric, and be happy my Friend.

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Roy good of you to visit my old friend.

Yes there is much to be grateful for when we see a tribute like that for the fallen.

Many are the times when the memories come flooding back and I am thankful.

Hold your head high Roy old pal and stay well.

swenglishexpat said...

It truly is a sad sight, all these young men and women. We have similar pictures on British television when they arrive at Brize Norton. Almost every day there is news about casualties. It is a high price to pay. Take care, Eric.

Eric Valentine said...

Thanks Swen, it does happen over there too in the UK and you are right, it is sad to see the men so young going this way.

Take care my friend.

Margie said...

Thank you for sharing this, Eric!
Very touching!

Take care, my friend!


Eric Valentine said...

Thank you for visiting Margie, it's always nice to see you here..

Take good care my friend.. :)

Sam!! said...

So touching... Thanks for sharing Eric..

Be well..:)

Take care

Janice Thomson said...

Very poignant Eric - thanks for sharing this. We need reminders now and then that daily life would not be possible if not for these men...

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Sam and for visiting.

Take care. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Nice to see you Janice, one can never forget the sacrifices these men made for others..