Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Woe is me!

I suppose it’s not so unusual for anyone to get sick., go down with a cold or flu. For me though I find it such an inconvenience. That’s the difference between a normal person shrugging a bug off and someone like myself that has COPD.

With COPD one becomes a lot worse than a normal person. Having COPD compromises your immune system. You become far more susceptible and very vulnerable to every germ/bug around you so you have to exercise care when around other people. Ironically, I feel I caught this bug of mine at the hospital last week, whilst going there for rehab.
~ There’s a twist for you!~

I have really missed going to the park this week, not only for the sheer beauty of the park and nature’s gifts of wildlife. But in addition, the park also gives me the exercise that is an integral part of my everyday life now, just because of the COPD.
Even being sick and at home has interfered with my writing. ~ Thus far now, my blog has also suffered, for it’s kind of difficult to concentrate and write when you have a hazy head sitting on the shoulders like some overgrown pumpkin. ~ Just a head filled with mush.

So instead of getting out and about doing the simple enjoyable things, I am housebound most of the time. However, these things do happen and that’s what has been going on with me recently.



Augs Casa said...

Hello Mate,

I hope this comment finds you in better health. Sorry about the sickness, and being homebound. If it makes you feel any better, I can send a couple of toddler boys across the border for a couple days to help with your exercise?

Be well,

Leon said...


Get well my friend! My thoughts are with you as you fight those nasty bugs that occasionally invade our bodies.


newnorth said...

being sick is bad enough...I can't imagine it with COPD!

I hope you feel better!

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Augs,

I am not doing too bad. Still got the bug but we also have 33c/40c (humidex) weather right now to put up with but we will survive that alright. :)

I'll pass on the kids! hahaha been there done that already.. ;)

Cheers Mate.


Thank you Leon so much for your kind wishes.
Did I ever tell you that my favorite living Canadian poet is Leonard Cohen? It was the similarity to your name that first got my attention, just thought you would like to know that. :)

Be well.


Thank you also Newnorth for your wishes, things like this just take time and are indeed a pain. COPD just makes it a bit harder. :)

Leon said...

I have been a fan of Leonard Cohen's for over 40 years. I was living in Albany at the time If I'm not mistaken, he was in Montreal, Recently,a musician friend with a similar voice told me that he was somewhere out here in California.


drips of paint said...

yes..foil the flu & bug

I am glad I check in your blog...but not glad to hear what hope you rest up and still enjoy home as much as you could.

I can tell your spirit is still up and about...keep it up my dear and keep us posted

hot chicken soup for you!

Eric Valentine said...

Nice of you to drop in Tim, I hope things are moving smoothly for you with your painting.

I do have home made chicken soup Tim that the wife makes, good stuff. :)

Take care


Eric Valentine said...

It comes as no surprise Leon, you being a fan of L.Cohen. I have a couple of articles done on him this last year or so I believe, which I saved along with a couple of pics.

I believe he was/is in L.A. & he did originate from Montreal. Also I understand from these articles that is where the lady called 'Suzanne' was that inspired him to write that same named song which is so well known today.
You just have to love the sound of his voice. It was because of my reading and listening to him, that I started writing what I sometimes call lyrical poetry.

Have a good day my friend,


BTW I too am an Aquarius. :)