Friday, July 13, 2007

Time To Meander

Yesterday was another beautiful day to be in touch with nature. Going to our favorite park is getting to be good habit forming. So just a few more shots of that adventure. (clickable thumbnails)

For those of you who suffer COPD, please note my trustworthy chariot and life saving refreshment on tap! Proof positive that one can get around.~ Follow me!

Surprising difference when the sun goes to hide.

This little fella provided a nice surprise, glad the bullfrog didn't snatch him up!

Another whimsical treat, me wandering around, thank goodness the park is handi-capped accessible. (no drooling allowed!)

Where there are bullfrogs, you just gotta have bullrushes. A beautiful contrast.

For more history and information on the park follow the link. :)

Willow park



newnorth said...

Still looks like a nice long as it isn't too hot :p (the heat here is crazy)

Eric Valentine said...

There is lots of shade with the trees, and most times quite a good strong breeze flows down the valley. A beautiful place yes and not too hot Newnorth :)

Sorry you are suffering down there with the weather. :(

Lin52 said...

I' d like to meander in such a lovely place! Makes me feel better just looking at the pictures. Good job, Eric.

Eric Valentine said...

Lin52, it is lovely isn't it. I am glad you got such a good feeling from seeing the place. :)

david santos said...

Very nice, have a good weekend

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you so much for your visit David, the honor is all mine.

Continued Good luck with your work. Have a nice weekend. :)

kwrenb said...

Eric, this is just beautiful!
I'm finally getting around to gathering the links for my new blog (of course you came to mind!) so I wandered on over here to see what you've been up to.
I'm so glad I did!
What a treat...

Eric Valentine said...

kwrenb, thank you also for your visit and keeping my blog in mind.

Today has been a very busy day for visitors, I am glad you enjoyed your visit here. :)

drips of paint said...

it is a great habit indeed, Eric....

it is very refreshing to see and read your post...

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Paint, good to see you visiting again. Glad you like reading here.

Margie said...

Hi Eric
I loved this post!
Wonderful pictures!
What a gorgeous place!
You sure look happy!
Thanks for sharing!

Hope you are having a great day!
It's a hot one here in CO.Spgs...
93 degrees, and the temp is still rising!
We are blessed with a cooling breeze now and then though!

Take care my friend!


Margie said...

Hi again Eric
I just came by to let you know I actually posted a poem today.
Maybe you might be able to stop on by and read it!

Thanks Eric!


Eric Valentine said...

Welcome Margie, glad you enjoy the pics. The weather here has been up & down. Today cloudy and a bit muggy in the mid 80's.

Take care my frined.

Eric Valentine said...

Glad to see you posting a poem after your break. It's always a pleasure to go and read your creation. :)

I have been sadly lacking with poetry writing this last while. :(

Augs Casa said...

Mate, it's good to see you out and about. I have to say I really enjoyed the photos you posted. it's how do you brits say....Lovely.


Eric Valentine said...

Hi Augs, good to see you here.

Yes we have to get out when we can with the weather being ok.

It is indeed "Lovely" at the park and so too, the pics. thanks.. :)