Sunday, August 26, 2007

In Your Dreams

Most mornings when the wife and I get up, we sit and enjoy a nice warm cup of tea/chocolate together. Invariably the wife while drinking her hot chocolate will say, ‘I had a funny dream last night.'
I have never known anybody have such wild dream experiences as Elizabeth sometimes gets, this morning was no exception.

As most of my regular readers know, I have COPD and am on oxygen 24/7.

Generally I never pay much attention to dreams as a rule for they are just that, a dream. They would appear to have no rhyme or reason to them, let alone any real time consequences. So after the initial announcement, I usually just dismiss them with a grunt or some comical remark like, “Well it had to be the lobster you ate before going to bed!” Or some such thing.

Elizabeth started to relate her dream to me, with me just being half attentive. I believe that the first thing that got my attention was she said that in the dream both she and I were on oxygen.

Apparently in this dream, we were sitting out in the grounds of a hospital or some such rehabilitation facility, the both of us with our length of hose firmly attached to the nose. (That alone is a scary thought!)

We were just keeping each other company and shooting the breeze, when this other lady came walking by. Somehow it seems by some kind of a kind of a mix up, this woman got herself all tangled up with the oxygen hose that Elizabeth had on. Obviously the more she struggled the more entangled she became.

The wife meanwhile was having a great big hairy over this performance and promptly started to let the world know all about this clumsy clod! (Another person funnily enough was also in Elizabeth’s dream and that was my PT from rehab! )
Meanwhile back in la, la land. The tangle woman was by now getting quite upset with her predicament. In her frustration she reached into her purse and pulling out a pair of scissors promptly performed an "Edward Scissorhands" routine, deftly snipping the wife’s oxygen hose!

So there sat the wife, holding the cut ends of the hose up in the air for all to see, crying out! Look what she did to my oxygen Waaaaaaaaaa!!

That’s my honey. ~ Thank goodness we wake up from these things is all I can say!



newnorth said...

ohhhh, that dream would have to end with a fight! :)

I think dreams can be very informative but shouldn't be taken too seriously. They usually point out worries, fantasies, and so on.

anyway, I'm glad it was just a dream.

Eric Valentine said...

You like fisticuffs do you!! LOL

Yes, I just thought the whole thing was a barrel of fun. :)

Augs Casa said...

I can remember about 80% of my dreams. Interesting dream the missus had there. I'm not dream analysit but I'd be interested to hear about that one mate.

Hope you are well and the missus are well


Eric Valentine said...

I can hardly ever remember my dreams Augs, two mins after I open my eyes they're gone. Just once in a while one will stay with me.

You should have heard about her dream last night! LOL

drips of paint said...

hi Eric

that is a very grapic description of a dream ....

I'll see if I can remember mine tomorrow morning...

all the best:))

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Tim, nice to see you here again. I hope your painting is going well and the showings. :)

Yes sometimes dreams can be amazing inspiration for idea's.

Take care my friend. :))

Leon said...

Sent a comment when you first posted this but it seemed to get lost along the way. . . just like memories of my dreams. I know I've had them and that they are happy, sad, scary, dangerous or whatever. But I can never remember the details.

Oh well, I'll just have to do with the conscious part of life. :-)

Eric Valentine said...

LOL Leon, maybe your comment got lost with the earthlink thingy.. :)

I know what you mean about dreams too, I hardly ever remember them. you're right though, the realities of life are the thing my friend. :)

swenglishexpat said...

I think I live a parallel life in my sleep. I always have dreams, some scary, some weird, some wonderful etc. But I never remember them for more than the time its takes me to wake up properly. One should really have a tape recorder next to the bed and document it straight away! Might be turned into a book, who knows?

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Swen thanks for the visit.

I am like you, in that I never remember my dreams for more than a moment on waking. My dreams too can be of the mixed variety.

A book would be wondeful however. :)