Thursday, August 2, 2007

My Peek-a-boo Cat

I was once told by somebody who said they knew about cats , ‘that cats don’t sleep on their back‘. Well Hmm…… I know better than that..

I used to have this cat up to a few years ago. Eventually though, through age and someone’s will he passed away. It’s funny really when you think about it, just what effect that event can have on you for some little while.
It’s not like when you wear out an old pair of shoes, just chuck them out and then get a new pair. No! For even the memory of those good old comfortable shoes stays with you for a while at least.

So you can imagine just how I felt when that fateful day came when Boo Boo (that was his name) had to go to that one final sleep. I know that anyone who has ever had a pet, be it cat, dog or a bird, always say their pet was the best pet in the whole world and that it was almost human. ~ This cat was pretty human believe me when I say that.

Right from the very first time we had him I felt like he adopted me. He was my shadow, my confidante and my buddy, for we spent copious amounts of time talking to each other. He would stand guard over me if I had a nap on the chesterfield, also when I went to bed at night and slept. He was indeed my shadow. It was always the waking up that seemed the most fun and the time when he seemed to talk to me. Gradually I figured that we had somehow managed to get a routine in place over a short period of time, and that was the time when we interacted so well.
You see the first thing in a morning when I opened my eyes, he was there! I went to the bathroom and he was there! Woe betide me if I shut the door and left him outside in the hall. Once inside I would do my thing at the sink, and he would perch himself on the toilet seat and watch me. Then if I took too long he would start to yammer at me growling & mewing, which meant it was time to head to the kitchen and get him down his cat treat, for which he would sit pretty on the stepstool / come chair thing that we had there. If I teased him too long he would paw me, by raising his paw and tapping me on my hand mewing at the same time and you would swear a smile on his face.

There were times when he could be a contrary cat. When I was living at the house I used to spend time outside in the yard or garden. My shadow, Boo Boo would be up at the window or at the screen door whining to get out and join me. Well this went on for so long that I finally went to the store and got a harness, along with one of those retractable leashes for cats.
The very next day was a warm summer day so I was sat on the patio having a cool drink, when he started his antics. Inside I went and put all the new tackle on him and off we were to the races. Or so I thought!
It would have been easier to take a pet Duck for a walk!

Well! I never heard such a .hullalabaloo in my life. I had taken him onto the back lawn to see how he would respond to the grass, well! He sure let me know in no mean terms I can tell you, growling from the back of his throat, whining, and mewing loud enough to stop a train! He got so loud in fact, I had to take him back indoors again before the neighbors started to think I was killing him. Boy what a fusspot. ~ I went back to the patio and my cool one. ~ Once again he started his whining!



newnorth said...

awww! One of the funniest things I ever saw was a couple trying to walk a cat on a leash while they were on a road trip. Cat just stood there and looked at them as if to say "you're kidding, right?"

Eric Valentine said...

when I was little, I used to walk with the ducks down a country lane near the farm. I never forgot those days with gramps.

I did as I got older see someone walk a duck on a leash though. LOL