Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hmmm Techies?

Thank goodness it’s Friday! For this week has been more than hectic. Things however are finally coming together and I can try and get back to whatever normal is around here.

As you all know from previous blogs I have a new computer with Vista and that is where most of the trouble started. Having no email working was just a beginning of the problems. Today I decided that once and for all I was getting my email working. Boy! Was that almost a disaster.

I was in touch with the ‘techies’ and I use the term loosely, for after much fiddling and changing of a number of things, settings etc they then blamed the problem onto something else and put me in touch with Microsoft. They in turn shunted me down another alley to someplace I didn‘t even know existed. Even now after it‘s all over I still don‘t know where I was with that one.
In the course of three hours, they succeeded in messing up both computers, so eventually we had no emails at all on either computer.
Heck! That went over like a lead balloon with the wife I can tell you, she got a little frantic.

( At this point insert much Gnashing of Teeth!)

The bottom line is that after talking with 3 different technicians, making a few observations of my own which I had salvaged from talking with all the 'know how people,' I got things sorted out and the wife is a happy camper once more.

Pretty soon, even I am going to know what I am doing on a computer, all this first hand knowledge I’m being exposed to!



Leon said...

Hi Eric. Could the problem be that large paw on the keyboard? :)

I guess this has just been the week to test our computer souls. I'm glad to hear you are reconnected to the world although there are times I think back with fondness on simpler times.

Enjoy the new computer and all that scintillating e-mail. And get the smile back on your face.

- Leon ;-)

newnorth said...

I thought I already left a comment...I am so out of it :p

So the comment. Well at least you are learning alot about your computer. Talking to the techies can be a real pain though.

My brother and I had to call a techie to fix my parents cable box. It was a machine. My favorite comment from "her" was the last one. "Well, I am out of ideas" hahahah the way she said it :p

Eric Valentine said...

Judging by the techies, I think the dog has them all beat Leon! LOL

Yes I guess I can sit here now & see if I get any mails. hahaha

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Newnorth, yes talking to techies can put you into a whole new dimension I think. :)

"Out of idea's!" LOL I like that one, how many times have we heard that. :)

Jim said...

Hi Eric-

Just returning the visit, and boy can I sympathize with you about Vista! It's been months since I "upgraded" my new Dell with Microsofts newer Monster and there are still many glitches unresolved. It seems that you have more patience with phone-support and techies than I do...

I certainly wouldn't describe Windows Vista as intuitive or user-friendly, but it works most of the time now, when it's not locking up on me or crashing, so I'm leaving further corrective measures for cold dark winter hours when more time is spent indoors with a warm fire.

For now, I'm more enjoying the vistas outside...

I hope you have a great day man!

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Jim, thanks again for your visit. I see what you mean about Vista, I have had a number of minor incidents already.

One of my pet peeves is things getting blocked too often & of course the screen drivers losing touch with the screen on ocassion. All in due course eh Jim! :)

Have a good one my friend.


swenglishexpat said...

Hi Eric. Just got back from a long holiday and getting back into blog reading. Vista, yeah, I have had some problems too, but not that many. I am on the whole pleased with it. Just one niggly thing to sort out now, both DVD and CD slots are dead. I push in a disc and nothing happens! The drivers have been corrupted somehow, I believe. Don't know whom to blame. We'll see. Keep smiling! :-)

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Swen, good to see you back again, I can see by your blog that you had a fantastic time on your hol's.

Sorry I didn't get in here sooner but I am down once again with a dreaded cold bug.

I am getting used to the vista a litle more now but there are still a few grey areas for me.

Sorry to hear of your problems with the drives, maybe you'll be able to download a fix?