Sunday, August 5, 2007

Better Ways

Things have been hectic here all day in fact two days and this is just the beginning, for a short while at least. Yesterday we went shopping and got the greatest deal on a new computer, monitor the works! It was a two day sale and we saved 30% on everything. ~ Couldn’t pass that up.

Imagine if you will, 3 computers & two of them are loaded to the gills with files and stuff! Not to mention all the pictures etc, and believe me there are hundreds. ~ So all day long we have been doing the shuffle between the two existing computers. We have to get everything off the old Presario with Win98, which Elizabeth is using, sent it over to mine. I tell you I am overloaded with all the evacuation. The problem is, there are no USB ports on the oldie or floppy on the new ones, so everything had to be done through emails! ~ Of course I reckon networking could have been another option, oh well!

Once we have everything cleared, then we can hook the two new ones up, (for mine is only 1 yr old.) Then we have to sort the stuff out and move all my stuff over to the new one which has Vista, the other one which the wife will have, uses XP which isn’t such a bad arrangement. It will take most of the week but we will get it done eventually.

We also bought this USB gadget it’s a remote/portable memory thing made by Verbatim, that plugs into the USB port and it will hold 1GB of files etc, so I can load up at mine and unload at the new one. Hopefully it wont take too many trips. Hell it sounds more like moving house! There has to be better ways.

Gee! Isn’t it exciting!! ~ Have a good weekend.



newnorth said...

remember when computer screens were black with green writing? and had those huge floppy disk that were actually floppy?

Well, good luck with transfering all the information and organizing it.

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Newnorth, yes I remember those screens except we had black with gold fonts I think they were called monochrome, boy was that hard on the eyes in those days.

Thanks for your visit, now I have more work to do! :)

Leon said...


Have fun. Went through that with my wife's new computer with Vista a few months ago. Maddening. I hope you don't run into the problem of old software that won't work with Vista. We did and waited patiently while other companies caught up to the new system and provided updates.

But it is generally a lot of fun and I suspect your window on the world will gain a lot of speed.


- Leon

Eric Valentine said...

So far so good Leon, do have a few problems finding my way around with some things. Used the memory stick that I wrote about but then ran into obstacles where exactly to unload the thing... All things in good time my friend... :)


Augs Casa said...

Well look at you mate. All new gadgets and all. I reckon you'll be moving tons of files from the Mrs. machine. the USB memory stick are wonderful. 1 gig is a good size, you're should go quicker. With the new machine and all, are we to expect 2 posts on your blog a day now?? ha ha ha

Be well mate

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Augs, things R not going too fast right now. Dang if I can't get the stick to unload this time around. Slow process and I am getting to hate this vista! Gimme XP anyday..LOL

As for 2 blogs a day, jeeze, I'm having a hard time doing any lately... I need a break methinks! :(