Tuesday, August 7, 2007


This was day one of the computer debacle, if you don’t believe me, try sorting out and juggling three of them. Talk about moving furniture, that’s a pushover compared to the mish mash of a mess I found myself in at times.

It’s true what some people told me, Vista can be a crock in some things! Try even setting up a new email addy! For example, in XP I have no trouble at all doing stuff moving said stuff and even juggling stuff, why? Well because I can see at all times where the stuff is going to go when I want it to.

Not so with vista. ~ Oh no, I have to try and find, feel and grope around in the dark for the destinations and when you don’t have the know how, that is a klutzy crock!

Today I loaded up my new gizmo remote (Beam me up Scotty!) with my fav’s and trotted over to the new ‘puter ready to download.
Yeah you guessed it, I had to dump the stuff into my documents then do a transfer over to the favs from there. I couldn’t come up with a normal way to offload into my fav’s on the new gizmo babe, I must have been doing something wrong.
That wasn’t the end of it though, for the second time I loaded the gizmo up I suddenly found I had forgotten how I unloaded it the first time!! It’s been a long tiring day. Grrrrrrrrrr

There was a gnashing of teeth I can tell you for a while, that’s when I stopped being dumb. ~ I found a different way to achieve the same result and a good end to this day at least.

It’s true to say though in all fairness to the Vista and new computer, that the more I fiddle around the better I am getting at it, there’s hope yet!



Gretchen said...

I've heard so many bad things about that, I won't be changing from XP.

Now that the hackers have cracked it, I have even less desire to change.

Good luck on learning the new program though!

Leon said...


Deja vu!!!!! Oh,how you remind me of what I went through setting up my wife's new computer a few months ago. I too found Vista a maddening challenge.

Ah, technology. With all the complications it adds to our lives, would we go back to the good old days? Not me! I even feel lost if I don't have my cell phone with me nowadays.

Persevere my friend.

- Leon

newnorth said...

computers can be frustrating. Just don't do like one of my friends did and smash it!
yeah he literally picked up his laptop and slammed it on the corner of the desk. (he was rendering a drawing and at 4 am, after hours of allowing it to render, it crashed)

Augs Casa said...

Welcome to the world of technology mate. I feel you're pain as I see this everytime the Mrs wants a new machine which happens to be every 2 - 3 years, not to mention what I do for a living.

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Gretchen, I hear you with the XP. So far I think my biggest complaint about vista since I have got used to it now a little bit. I hate these pop up blockers who seem to decide for you what you should or not see.

I know the initial intent is good, but I have had a few blocked that ticked me off, as if I didn't have enough to be carrying on with.

Thanks for your visit, sorry about the rant. :) Visit again, anytime.

Eric Valentine said...

I have to agree with you Leon, this has been quite a ride and I'm still in the saddle! :)

Fortunately I am not hooked on the cell phone thing, we bought one recently just for emergencies after we lost our phone power one time. Which I wrote a blog about come to think of it! LOL

Eric Valentine said...

Hi NN, I doubt I would do that my friend, these things dont fall off a tree you know! :)

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Mate! Well Augs I don't change 'puters quite that often but I do try and stay current if I can buddy.

Where would we be without our 'Toys' though eh!