Friday, August 17, 2007

Drop In

Yesterday we had another day out, this time the wife and I drove to this huge shopping mall, almost an hours drive from here, where she had hoped she would find some sports sandals that she had been hunting for. For some reason it has been difficult to locate any, maybe it‘s the season end.

The weather was comfortable other than being a little humid and sticky, talk about busy and the crazy traffic. Now I can remember why we moved out into the more rural area to live.

On the way back to more civilized surroundings away from the rat race, we dropped in at a smaller mall closer to home where we had some lunch in the lunch-court. They have the usual vendors there, catering to whatever tweaks your fancy. A place that is very popular is ‘Frisco Fries‘, for the folks line up to get food, I am fast getting addicted. I have had some good fries in my time, but I tell you, these just have to be the best! We rounded out the trip then with a little shopping.

At least when we arrived home we were greeted by the happy bunch seen here that we have grown to love so much. Talk about a brunch drop in! It’s just so nice to see them all together so nice and friendly. Yes, we have a very nice bird community here & life is good.



drips of paint said...

Hi Eric,

I drop in to find that your post is drop in...ha

Thanks for your nice word about my painting, want to let you know it is very much appreciated...

I am so busy still painting for deadline..2 sleepless night in a just delivered my 3rd deadline and now onto 3 more deadline before the end of the months....

Therefore not time for blogging yet..say hello to your wife and your birdy for me.

best to you!

Leon said...

Ah, the massive shopping mall. It's sort of like an urban forest, isn't it, filled with all sorts of interesting animals.

Eric Valentine said...

A good analogy Leon, and one rarely escapes without a visit to the vet. I find some malls are just too big, somewhat overpowering. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Tim my friend, nice of you to drop in! LOL

Good to see your painting is going so well and you are on schedule. Your work is very dazzling and your enthusiasm equally so.

Thanyou for visiting. :)

newnorth said...

Just keep the squirrels outa there (the bird feeder) My grampa gave up on birds and used to feed the squirrels :)

Eric Valentine said...

Ha Ha Neworth, funny you should mention that, I am sick of the squirrels.

We have water pistols and spray them with vineger sometimes it works. :)

Augs Casa said...

talking about having a visiting house. look at all those wonder birds on your feeder. I can understand what you are saying mate, I love some good fries anytime of the week. The ones you speak up has me curious though.


Eric Valentine said...

Hi Augs thanks for dropping in! :)

Yes aren't the birds just wonderful and we have so many different varieties too.

I tried to find out what they use at Frisco's to cook their fries but they're not saying other than vegetable oil. But I knew that already. Clean fresh oil and the right temps to cook in, will get you a good bunch a fries. :)