Thursday, November 1, 2007

Just a Great Day Feeling

Up bright & early today. Already we have had the usual groups of birds drop in for a bite. Red Cardinal, Blue Jays, and even for the first time together. A group made up of the Nuthatch, a few Red Breasted Nuthatch's and surprisingly a Black-capped chickadee all on the feeder at the same time. I give up trying to get a picture of that, it's almost as if they know, for the minute I'm ready with the camera they take off!

This was quite the site a couple of days ago. ~ That's a whole lotta Pumpkin Pie!



zirelda said...

That is a whole lotta pumpkin pie and how fun is that anyway? I keep wanting to get a bird feeder but I'm not sure how the beagle would do with one. She had a hard time with the hummingbird feeder this summer because the hummingbirds liked to tease her.

I hope your Great Day Feeling keeps getting better!

Lisa said...


I found your blog through Newnorth's blog. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful and I really enjoyed reading your blogs today.

Have a wonderful day!

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Zirelda, pumpkin pie is fun if you like to bake?

I never heard of hummers bothering a dog before. Feeders are cheap so you should try it out. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you for your visit Lisa and for your very nice comments, I have lots of reading there. :)

Janice Thomson said...

I love to listen to the chickadees who stay here all winter long. Their cheery calls make my day complete.
So would a little pumpkin pie! :)

Avery Gray said...

Aren't animals uncanny that way? It's like a sixth sense with them!

Have a great day! And thanks for visiting my blog. Glad you liked the "Brit" vote! ;o)

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Janice, we get a few now that stay year round and we feed them.

It's so nice to see on a cold winter day amidst the blowing snow. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Hello Avery, glad you dropped in. Yes it's like birds have a built in radar for anything pointed in their direction. :)

saw you through Newnorths place..... Go Brits.. ;)

Leon said...

Well, guess I can't use my planned comment about a whole lot of pumpkin pie. . .it's been used already. But that's a great photo. And I regret that those birds just wouldn't cooperate with you and your camera. :-) But your description of them leaves a lot to view through my mind's eye. Thanks Eric.

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Leon, yes & I am not even keen on pumpkin pie. :)

The birds we will get eventually, sometimes we set up the tripod and wait our chance.

We sure seem to have aquired a fair number of the Red breasted Nuthatches this year though, maybe this winter will be warmer? :)

newnorth said...

it's very orange for an Apple Factory :p The colors are great, and those pumpkin sculpture thingys...
I can't beleive October is already gone.

Eric Valentine said...

Well Newnorth ~ you could have said they were big looking oranges! :P

The colors are nice & rich and that's a wonderful place to shop for fruit veggies and fresh baking stuff, a real farmers market type place. :)

Christmas is just around the corner my friend!! :)

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Eric Valentine said...

David my friend, I am sorry about this ongoing travesty, I will look into seeing what I can try to do.

Take care David.