Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Will o’ the Wisp

This last few days have been pretty hectic, & as is usually the case, ~ so much effort and too little to show for it all.
It seems that it was just a few short weeks ago that the weather was a balmy 38c, that in itself was crazy for Sept/October.
~ Summer Fall & Winter ~

Seems we missed the fall somewhere along the way, even the leaves for the most part, just rotted on the trees before falling away. Real will-o’-the-wisp weather if you ask me, for after reaching low’s of -3c this last week, today was up again to an unrealistic +13c.
In keeping with the weather, today we went to the park!
So here are a couple or so shots of a will-o’-the-wisp fall season!

Leaves stubbornly hanging on.

Pampas grass? A bright sight, in the cool fall weather.

Hmmmm It's that man again!

Cool clear waters

Cool clear brilliant sky.


Janice Thomson said...

I love these photos Eric - almost hard to believe that winter will soon be upon us again. For us it was autumn most of the year; summer never made an appearance LOL

Leon said...

Great photos. . .as usual. ;-)

newnorth said...

Always refreshing to see your photos. The weather's been a bit wacky here too. One day slightly cool then the next unbelievably hot.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the season :)

Eric Valentine said...

They did turn out ok, I am glad you liked them Janice.

I think Global warming has messed up the seasons and is to blame for your missing summer! LOL

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Leon, nice seeing you my friend. Grrrrrrrrrrreat! ;)

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Newnorth, hope your weather stablizes for you with winter coming.

You don't want to see snow down there! LOL ;)

zirelda said...

What a beautiful place Eric. I love seeing your pictures.

And the weather is odd isn't it? Yesterday it was almost 80 degrees (don't know what that works out to in celcius) today I'm not sure we hit 50.

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Z 25c =77f so that could be close enough maybe. Today we were warm too & the rest of whenever will be down to around 5c or 41f... (1c= 1.8f)

Yes the pictures always seem to turn something up, no matter the weather. :)

drips of paint said...

never get tired of seeing your photo of park, trees, leaves and sun ray from blue sky .... and that handsome man in the picture as well...

leaves wants to hang on a bit longer in such lovely setting I don't blame them ...

Eric Valentine said...

I am so glad Tim that you like the Park pictures so much.
I see more blue sky pics around these days & they are getting ever more effective.

Thanks for dropping by my friend I hope you are keeping well. :)

Singing Stream said...

I love the pics too Eric. Lovely..and it's always so nice to see you there. :)


Eric Valentine said...

Hi Singing Stream, thanks, it's always nice to see you visit also my friend.:)