Friday, November 9, 2007

Lest We Forget

In" Flanders Field," if you should go,
You'll see the gravestones, row on row
In fields of green and poppies red,
Rest all the boys that we once bred,

And as you stand and listen long,
Perhaps you'll hear, their voice in song.
Remember long, remember sad,
All the boys, that we once had

Remember lives, that they once filled,
But now they rest, in "Flanders Field"
The boys who all went down in song,
Through the mud and blood, to fields beyond.

So each year it's remembrance time,
Remember boys, both yours and mine
Think of the wars, whence they all died,
Take a look at today, was it justified

The "Vets" now, they are just a few,
To forget them all, will just not do.
Young ones, they must not forget,
The men that died, the blood they"Let".

In "Flanders Field" for you should go
To see the graves, stood row on row
Think of the wars, think of the greed,
Ask yourself, is this what we need.

A lesson learned, we hope and pray
So no more wars, least not today
The young ones now, our guardians are
And with some luck, they'll take us far.

In "Flanders Field " if you should go,
To see the graves stood row on row
Think of the boy's who are now a vet,
Make sure that you do "Not Forget "

Eric Valentine Nov 11/93©


Janice Thomson said...

Thank you for this Eric - a poignant reminder for November 11. I love this poem.

Eric Valentine said...

Such a scar on the face of humanity Janice, one would think by now that someone would learn.

david santos said...

I passed here for seeing your work that is very good and desiring a good weekend

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you David for your visit, it's always nice seeing you here.

Have a good weekend my friend. :)

drips of paint said...

//...think of the greed,
Ask yourself, is this what we need.//

your poem makes me think & remember...

wishing a good weekend for you, eric:))

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Tim, such good observations you see.

You Too have a good weekend my friend and keep your brushes ready.. :)

zirelda said...

Well written Eric. There is so much to remember.

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Zirelda.

Sadly in the World today nobody learns, so life is the same old rollercoaster.

Have a good day my friend. :)

Leon said...

Thank you Eric! There's nothing more that I can say.

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Leon, your visit alone is always welcome my friend.

shades of twilight said...


Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Shades.

Augs Casa said...

Well said Mate. Amen! excellent read!

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you so much Augs, nice seeing you mate. :)