Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm Late, I'm Late, for a very Important Date!

We have a very nice neighbor lives upstairs over the top of us, she is a pretty marvelous woman I think. A couple of months or so ago, she had surgery on her right knee, it looked a mess at first to me but healed up nicely over a short period of time. Just a couple of weeks ago she went back in and had the other knee done. The first time, she was able to be in rehab whilst at the hospital for they had the room. The second time she was not so fortunate, so had to come home and go to rehab from there. While she was having all this done, Elizabeth has been looking after her lovebird, but that‘s another story.

I might say at this point that if that were me with the surgery, I probably would still be on my back and screaming blue murder! I’m not a baby, but you know what I mean. This lady really has the get up & go, along with a real good attitude.

Wednesday so happened to be my rehab day at the hospital for my COPD and yes, this time I was going to make it for a change. ~ We were part way down this ridiculously long hallway, when we heard the automatic door open behind us and someone huffing and hustling down that aisle like a freight train. Imagine my surprise when we saw it was our friend. I couldn’t believe she was moving so fast with a leg like that, for it has only been a few days since she came home from hospital.

On seeing us, she sped up and was mumbling and grumbling about being late. ( It reminded me of the White Rabbit & “The Mad Hatter“ from Alice in Wonderland).

It seems that the patient-van pickup service that brings her in for rehab ran late. She started to tell us what had gone wrong that morning. There is an out-patient pick-up service here called ActiVan, it is a very small fee pick-up & delivery service for disabled patients, using hospital rehab.

The thing with ActiVan is that you have to plan ahead, let them know and you will be on time. Her appointment was at 11am so pickup was set for 10.30 (the hospital is a 10-15 minute drive from here). The regular driver was off for some reason, so a young man filled in. As it was, he showed up 10 minutes late anyway & eating a sandwich. Somewhat perturbed she expressed her concerns about possibly being late, but he calmly and cheerfully informed her of only one other pickup before the hospital….Fred.

Normally the Activan customers are waiting at their front doors, but after ~ well, perhaps it seemed like a really long time to Sally ~ the driver went to knock on the door….Fred still wasn’t quite ready yet, so back to the van ~ several more hours (minutes) passed ~ I’m guessing at this point that Sally was planning both Fred and the drivers demise. Maybe the driver felt it. He went back into the house this time. More time passed. ~ Finally the driver and Fred emerged from the house and started for the van. Fred had a crutch and was also wearing a foot to knee cast on one leg, this slowed his progress a bit. Ok…that explains the time delay ~ Then suddenly Fred flips over into the bushes.

It takes the driver several minutes to notice he was alone, as he was ahead of Fred. Sally just can’t believe this is happening. The driver goes back and after a lot of awkward pushing and shoving decides the situation is impossible, for he can’t lift Fred up and it might be better if he backed the Activan closer to the bushes so Fred can just crawl in. Which unbelievably they do. ~ I’m surprised they didn’t just winch him aboard!

Sally gets a whiff of alcohol when Fred crawls in…well, ~ now it makes some sense….and off the three of them go to the hospital.

I’m killing myself laughing as the neighbor tells the story, for you have to see the funny side of it. Sally still grumbling, heads off down the hall, I know we shall hear more about that episode later. ~ I still have a smile on my face, for it all did turn out ok in the end.



Leon said...

And I hope Sally can see the humor in it too! One thing we have learned in our household is that you have to keep your sense of humor even in the face of medical trauma. It has helped my wife survive breast cancer and me in the recovery from open heart surgery. And I just know that you could not make peace with COPD without finding some humor along the way.

Thanks for sharing Eric. Thanks for reminding us to keep things in perspective and to enjoy the time we have on this planet. :-)

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Leon for sharing your news. You have of course hit the nail on the head in your observations.

The state things are in today in the world, the choices are few.

You are right about myself & the COPD though. There are many days when you ask yourself why,(you have to grin & bear it they used to say.)for how much ground do I lose if I stay home. Besides going out is where I get my material for the blogs. :)

You are getting to know me. LOL

zirelda said...

I'm seeing the funny side of it and my coworkers are wondering what made me cackle like that so early in the morning!

I hope Sally does too soon.

Eric Valentine said...

Good morning Zirelda, reading your comment also brought a smile to my face.
I am pleased that what I write can give you a chuckle this early in the day. :)

newnorth said...

lol, they were all determined to make her late :p

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Newnorth, it did seem like one of those days didn't it. :)

Janice Thomson said...

What a great story Eric - Murphy's Law always seems to occur at the most opportune or shall I say inopportune times! Perhaps Sally will see the humor when she has time to think about it properly. One learns over the years if you just "go with the flow" things are much easier.
Having kidney disease and facing the fact that any day could be my last because of such high BP has certainly put a different perspective on daily living for me as well.
Great post Eric.

Tammy said...

I really do hope that Sally will find humor in in this after she has time to look back on it. It is hysterical. Thanks I needed the pick-me-up.

Eric Valentine said...

Hello Janice, as always very complimentary, with a generous helping of wisdom too. Thank you my friend. :)

I am sorry to hear of your medical ailments, I never knew the numbers of posters who carry such burdens yet rarely let it show in their daily approach to life.

Hang tough Janice, nothing was ever won easily. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Welcome Tammy you are a new face, and thanks for the visit.

Glad you enjoyed the story & the pick-you-up, Sally already had a few laughs at what happened that day, how could one not. :)

Singing Stream said...

Awwww geeeez, what a time Eric..Poor Sally. She sure is a gutsy little gal though! LOL Gosh, what some of us go

Eric Valentine said...

She is a gutsy gal Singing stream, no hanging about with her.

She pops in for a cuppa & a chat with us fairly frequently ~ Nice lady. :)

drips of paint said...

Oh I am so glad to hear that you were laughing at it too ... for a minute i thought I had to expalin to you why I was laughing about it towards the last 2 paragraph for fear that you really thought I had no heart. But man was it the situation or just the way you write ... believe me i am still laughing.

I think it is the way you write or may be both..... just do not tell lady upstair we laughed so much .. oh my.... I need a klenexx

Eric Valentine said...

HI Tim, thanks for the visit.

Never fear, I won't tell although even she sees the funny side of it now my friend.

It's good too to see you in such high spirits yourself, life can feel pretty good most days. :)