Saturday, November 3, 2007

A Hairy 24

Monday we went out to the mall, mostly for me to exercise walking. Of course going anywhere, where there are stores can be fatal when we go out. I’m not a compulsive shopper, but the wife does believe in having back-ups. (cough, cough)

Like lots of people who live in these cold and in winter dry wastelands north of the border, (heating season) we do (especially because of my COPD) have a number of toy’s to compensate for all these climatic changes.

In winter it can get pretty dry here without the use of a humidifier. Ours just needs a new filter this time around.

Monday the day started off in a real hairy fashion. First the missus & I had a lively discussion about the filter as opposed to buying another machine that goes without filters. ~ That’s when the toaster decided to go on strike and refused to toast, oh boy! ~ Elizabeth’s eyes just lit up like a beacon! ~ Ours is a nice cream color, (she says antiquated old white! ~ Bah humbug! ) the wife now would like a black one. Another item to the list, all this and I hadn’t even left my chair yet to find out why it conked out. (I was thinking about the kettle incident!)

We arrived at the mall to walk ~ ahem ~ Elizabeth was off like a shot looking for the aisle with humidifiers, after finally catching up to her, we looked over what was available, we’re not impressed. ~ We were still discussing the filter, when we turned into the toaster aisle. There was a couple already there examining the toasters, and as we approached you could hear them voicing opinions on stainless steel verses black. She it seems, is leaning towards the black one.
That’s when we see…… the nice looking black toaster that the guy was holding in his hands. ~ He spotted us watching him, I guess we had made it pretty obvious, and with a smile he said’ you want this one don’t you?” I chuckled, this guy was a smart cookie alright.

He & his wife had not decided yet what they wanted, so I tried pointing out another store to him, where they had some great stuff, but he wasn’t falling for that either, or putting the toaster down! ~ When we came back a little later they and the toaster were gone.

We did find the aisle that held the filters & even got so far as finding what we needed, but the wife was adamant, she wanted a new filter-less machine.

So more stubborn resistance on my part, and sulks that would bring a fountain to tears on the part of the wife. That was the end of that store and so off we went to another favorite place to shop. Forgotten now it seems was the primary reason for coming out, re: walking exercise! Oh well, walking around a store can be deemed a workout in more ways than one. ~

When we got home with the new machine………… Well it was said that it wouldn’t hurt none to have a backup just in case……We never did get the toaster that the guy was holding, oh well there is always another day.

A number of times during this summer we have experienced a few minor problems with the fridge….. Uh Oh!………. Yesterday in line with all the other hairy goings on, the fridge decided it wanted to be a freezer,…. by freezing the eggs……… At this point it might be understandable then, that there were definite grounds for the gnashing of teeth! ….. C’est la vie……

This morning, after sleeping on an otherwise crazy day Monday, we rose bright eyed & bushy tailed. Elizabeth, all nice and cheery starts to prepare the breakfast. Going to the fridge…….. Surprise! ~
The fridge is once more a fridge again, not being able to compete with the freezer, and the eggs were just fine. Lo and behold, forgetting that the toaster was broken she flipped bread in and pressed the lever down, … The toaster, deciding that it wasn’t going to be replaced, considered it too had better work again, which it did! ~ The wife still in a shocked state served breakfast and forgot my eggs! Then on hearing my yelp! realized she had given me the wrong plate. Still the toaster worked! So today was going to be a fine day after all.

Later Elizabeth sat there deep in thought, then suddenly broke into excited chatter. She had started off by saying that she felt a little guilty over the humidifier, after all we had one that is still ok………. I said don’t be silly, we can always use a back-up…… Yikes! ………Did I say that? She burst out laughing at me. She then went on to point out that with all the savings, offers, adjustments and not having to buy a replacement filter, the new machine wasn’t that expensive anyway!.. Boy! Talk about cost justification.

I said to Elizabeth, ‘be careful what you say around me, you might end up in my blog !’ ~ More chuckles! ~

As you can tell by now, we tease the hell out of each other and have a lot of fun doing it.

A Hairy 24 will do that to you.



Janice Thomson said...

LOVE that magnet joke Eric!
Do you have an inside track to the Powers That Be in order for both the fridge AND the toaster to start working again? LOL Enjoyed this post as usual.

Eric Valentine said...

yes Janice that magnet is a good one, Elizabeth found it for me. Glad you enjoyed the read. :)

I wish I did have an inside track, unfortunately we are blessed with temperamental gadgets. :)

zirelda said...

Isn't it funny how one appliance seems to talk to another. Hey, lets all fritz out within say 30 minutes of one another? And to have them both come back like they were just joking? Love it.

Good story Eric.

newnorth said...

Well it's a good thing the guy didn't put the toaster down :p

funny story!

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Z, it's funny you mentioned that about the appliances conspiracy. haha I've had similar cases before. :)

Eric Valentine said...

You got that Newnorth! LOL

We would have struck quicker than a snake. Glad you enjoyed. :)

drips of paint said...

hi Eric..

afterall you had a fun day ...

take care you

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Tim, glad you visited.

Every day is a fun day my friend, for life is what you make it ~ within reason of course. Hope you are well. :)

Augs Casa said...

Mate, I try as hard as I can to stay away from any kind of store unless it's a grocery store. All in all sounds like things worked out. The missus and you sure had an adventure.


Eric Valentine said...

Well Augs, you have to start somewhere when you go to the mall, especially if you need a specific item or two.

We always have fun most times and for us it's like a big game. :)

Have a good week buddy.. :)

Elly said...

Want to trade toasters? I’m sure mine has it in for wanting to annoy the husband. My toast is always perfect – his is always burnt or too light. It’s a four slot toaster that can identify the husband’s bread and toasts accordingly. Doesn’t matter the setting. Four pieces go in 2 come out just the way I like them and two either crispy burnt or extremely light. Hmmm. Odd isn’t it? (Even if hubby plays with the buttons nothing helps – sometimes we just get four pieces to my liking) :)

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Elly, you'll be fine just as long as your toast doesn't pop up complete with cheeze whiz!! LOL

Singing Stream said...

LOL I'm with newnorth on this one Eric...It's a blessing that the man didn't put the toaster ;^D

"Hi Elly, you'll be fine just as long as your toast doesn't pop up complete with cheeze whiz!!" :^0 LOLOLOLOLOL

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Singing Stream, I almost missed you again haha, Thet darn toaster keeps disrupting things around ear. LOL :)

Thanks for your visit. :)

Singing Stream said...

hehehe ;^D