Monday, May 7, 2007

Vampire Day!

Today had us up bright and early, or at least I was. I figured I had to do my usual routine, and if I got back in bed I’d be there forever We had to be out of here early today, wife’s orders! Today is Vampire day; for today we both had to go and get some blood-work done. Normally I would amble into the lab around noon-time. Today however; we have to be early because the wife had to fast for her tests. Mine are just the normal stuff, nip in, needle in, out and skip out!

Elizabeth’s idea was, if we get there just after they open the doors, no one will be there and we will be in and out. Well that sounds good and I can understand her being anxious, because she had to fast and she is already getting hungry! Bottom line is, we get there and we are # 7 & 8 in line, I rest my case!

Did I mention that my wife is really quite squeamish when it comes to needles? Well I tell her; this is my lab that we are at not her old one. Lab people here are on the local dart team and really know how to hit the mark!

Surprisingly the line moved along very quickly and soon, “#7 You’re next!” I moved along not wishing the wife to suffer too soon. Imagine my surprise when I came out, only to find her gone! Apparently more then one technician was working and #8 had already gone in, ~ The wife!

I never heard any hair raising screams so I figured she was either in there or else she had left the scene. Surprise, Surprise! Out came Elizabeth all smiles, telling me I was right, they did do a good number for her. Big sigh of relief on my part! I have been known to bend the truth a little before, especially if it means easing her fears. Vampires 2 Good Guys 2 ~ What a good start to the day. ~



newnorth said...

yuck, I hate needles!

glad this place is better then the old one though! (I'm back home tomorrow!)

Eric Valentine said...

welcome! It's always good to get home, :)