Sunday, May 6, 2007

Lazy Weekend

After being under the weather for so long, it makes a nice change to just sit back and take it easy for a day or two. Yesterday we decided to go out to the stores for a short while. For a change it was the wife’s leg that was in question and not me. Things went well for her and she went around with a smile on her face because of it.

Last weekend the superintendent here, recharged the water softener unit for the building with salt. Of course we were unaware of this; that is until I went to rinse my mouth out after doing my medications. Talk about gag! I felt like I had swallowed an ocean, sadly it remained like that all week. I was talking with the super on Friday and mentioned it to him. It surprised me to hear that nobody else had told him of this fiasco, which prompted him to say “ I suspected the unit was going and now that confirms it!” I grimaced “It is seventeen years old you know!”

Yesterday while we were shopping we picked up 3x 24 bottles of spring water. We were running low and because of the salt-water incident I am now using bottled water to rinse my mouth besides, it was on sale at a good price.

This morning we were just sat there having a lazy time of it, me on the computer drinking my tea and Elizabeth over doing stuff after getting out of the shower. Suddenly ‘The patented squeal” “Look, Look, look at the feeder! I wondered what the hell I was supposed to be looking at! I got out of my seat and took a peek. Well I’ll be! ~ I couldn’t believe it and we both said “what the heck is that!?” What we saw was a bird that neither of us had seen around here before, and the wife not ever.
(clickable thumbnail)

A remarkable thing was though; earlier today we thought we had heard a different bird singing. But then it sort of changed to a different sound almost like that of a running shoe squeaking on a hardwood floor, then back to the singing. We couldn’t see anything so we just dismissed the incident at that time.

Because this is not the first time that we have had to scramble to identify a bird, we have links to bird places for that purpose. We both attacked our task and got to it. The end result was that the bird turns out to be a “Rose Breasted Grosbeak” a member of the Cardinal family of birds. Now the Cardinals we have had before, in fact we seem to have two sets of them resident year round now. After checking out the new addition, our area seems to be the breeding ground for the RBG. The only thing that puzzles me is, why have we not seen them here before now? However; we will take what we have and be thankful for that. We consider ourselves very lucky to have the abundant numbers of bird species that we have here most year round. Which kind of makes this a little bit of paradise on a nice lazy weekend.



Augs Casa said...

Well mate, your weekend and mine were quite opposite. I'm gld you are feeling a bit better and were able to relax. Hope you are well.

Eric Valentine said...

I read your blog Augs, I see what you mean. :))

I can remember the days when I did those things too. It's good to see that the World still turns my friend. We are fine here now and tomorrow I am back at rehab, before I start getting flabby!! LOL