Thursday, May 17, 2007

COPD ~ What’s in a Regulator

Tuesday was the last day for the rehab program again. On this occasion I finally managed to make it, which lately is a miracle in itself! Tuesday is also the day that my delivery of oxygen arrives. This week my guy came with a new surprise, a new and different type of regulator for portable use.
I had always been on a continuous flow line before, this one is what they call a pulse feed. That means you only get oxygen when the body calls for it. Inhale, exhale. It has been said that on continuous feed using a cannula, a patient only gets 60% of the oxygen and loses the rest, what a waste. Tuesday and each day since I have been trying out this new gadget. The amazing result is, instead of a small tank only lasting 3 ½ hours, ~ with the pulse the tank lasts for 10 hours! Being on impulse feed also means you get all 100% of the oxygen that you inhale. Amazing indeed!

Boy! Why can’t they invent something like this for Auto gasoline consumption! Now THAT would really be something!

After rehab was over, I was waiting for the wife to bring the truck round from the parking lot. As I stood there and older couple also came along and greeted me. He was a member of the rehab group but I really hadn't talked much with him at all during the program, his wife was with him for support. One thing had led to another and imagine my amazement when I found that they both were in their eighties! For some strange reason the 2nd world war came up. It seems that both this couple were war survivors and she a POW at that! Wow! We got talking about that topic and my blog topics, he in turn related he was writing a book based on his wartime experiences. As the wife arrived, they had to get going for the couple had a board meeting to attend. Wishing them luck, I walked away shaking my head. Such a small world! Such beautiful people.



newnorth said...

that's really cool. They more then doubled your tank. (you're right, that would be awesome of they had that result with gas)

Eric Valentine said...

The gas, that's stuff dreams are made of. :)

Thanks for visiting newnorth, have a great weekend!

Augs Casa said...

Small world isn't it? About your oxygen, I am glad it is helping you out my friend. As for meeting people and starting conversations with them, isn't it wonderful? One of the reason I read your blog amigo. We will be mates for a long time, because you tell wonderful stories and you are one friendly person.

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Augs! Yes the oxygen results are amazing.. Also meeting people is great too, the bonus is I will be seeing them again so can keep tabs on how his book is going. Thanks again for the visit and the compliments! It's nice to have friends and I am glad you are one of mine. Thank you