Saturday, May 19, 2007

Another Hex-change!

Talk about boiled over! Can you believe that ‘Sherlock Holmes arch enemy Professor James Moriarty' has struck again!? Remember the new kettle? Yes! It did it again! The lid came up and would not go down or stay down, I wonder if it sounding so loud when it was on had anything to do with that! So harness the horses! One more time we headed out for the store and can you believe, once again another assumed name! Yeah you got it Moriarty. “Hand‘s up!! This is an up stick!! No exchanges this time if you please! Just give us the money.”

Next stop was at a different store this time. My woman shrouded in mystery emerged after much hunting for half an hour, triumphantly brandishing yet another new shiny kettle! Headed towards me almost skipping, a bright smile all over her face. ~ (This is the new kettle)

Meantime outside the store, I’m waiting in the truck. Suddenly I realize that I am out of oxygen! Both Elizabeth and I had forgotten that I was near close to empty, and Lo and behold! she was in the store! Well never say die!
I start to struggle with the spare tank which is jammed behind the passenger seat of the truck. Then I have a wrestling match, trying to get the empty one out of the retaining bag. By the time Elizabeth got back I had just about finished the exchange and myself in the process! She let out a gasp when she saw me, realizing that she too had forgot.
Of course I teased her a bit about helping me get a foot into the box! “No” she said, “you already had both feet in the box, I just hauled you out in the nick of time!“ Then we both cracked up! Jeeze! Can I ever win one!?

Wouldn’t you know! When we got home and finally got to try the new stainless steel kettle, the first boil was nice and quiet. The wife grinning all over her face just had to put the hex on it. “Isn’t that so nice and quiet? Of course the next pot we boiled the kettle sounded as loud as a freight train!

Ah well, at least for now it still works.



newnorth said...

darn, sounds like you should give up on the tea :p heh...good luck with it

The tank thing sounds scary! At least you had a sense of humor about it.

Eric Valentine said...

Hi there, with this COPD there's not much else one can do but grin and bear it. The tank wasn't as scary as it sounds though, one has to chuckle. :)

Being an Englishman, I could never give up my tea! That would be sacrilege! LOL

Singing Stream said...

Indeed! LOL

Loved the kettle story I love 'all' your stories.

Blessings to you and the wife! :^D

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Singing Stream! you broke the 'Code' eh! LOL Good to see that you made it in here. enjoy.. :)