Sunday, May 27, 2007

Up The ‘Pool!

Got another email! Boy this could get to be a habit! Actually it is no surprise for we have had ongoing contact because of the ancestry documents we’re working on.

The little surprise about this one though was, it was accompanied with a video tape. The tape showed something that I had not really followed in fifty years! My Nephew, all dressed up ready to go to London and go fanatically football crazy, a thing they seem to do quite often in England, over their National sport. Much like hockey in Canada and the States and of course Major league baseball!

Today the Soccer team from my old home town is playing at Wembley stadium! It is a championship game to decide which team gets promoted to the next higher division, and their opponent is Yoevil Town. I haven’t watched or taken interest in Blackpool soccer since I came to Canada, I know that is shameful! I guess that’s because they never show those kind of games on TV over here other than the premiership games, so it is easy to lose interest.

On top of that though, ever since Blackpool won the F.A. cup in 1953 which is now known as ‘Sir Stanley Matthews final’ .

Blackpool have over the years gone steadily downhill, which is kind of reminiscent of the last time the Toronto Maple leafs won the Stanley Cup!

I don’t get paranoid over such things, but I’m beginning to think of it as 'The curse of the Stanley’s!' All in good fun though. I am sure I will hear all about the ‘game’ long after it’s over. ~ Win or lose! So let’s go Blackpool, let’s see you do what the Maple leafs seem unable to do, ~ Take care of business! ~



They Won!!

Blackpool 2 Yeovil 0



newnorth said...

I go to school in Tampa...sooo, go Lightning, isn't that a funny mascot thingy.

antonior said...

I'm very glad as you say you don´t get paranoid 'bout that things (football) I read some of your posts, I enjoyed them and it seems to me that you are a very lucid and wise person.
Well, what I really think about football it is that it is a very nice sport to enjoy in a non-professional way, because when the power and money comes in the game, they blow down all the thing in a damned way.


I'll be back

Blue Gardenia said...

Hi Eric. I enjoy reading your blog. I don't comment much as I have been unwell lately. Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you visit again sometime. I am new to blogging but I am going to read some of your poems now. Thanks for the beautiful writing.

Eric Valentine said...

Hello Antonior, thank you so much for your most welcome visit. I agree with you about the money & power thing ~ In any sport.

Thank you also for your very generous words of encouragementin regard to myself and my writing, that was very good of you. Come again by all means and read.
Your English is very good my friend. :)


Eric Valentine said...

Yay! Good old Thunderbug! Yes he's a mascot in Tampa newnorth. LOL

Eric Valentine said...

I am pleased that you visit my blog Blue Gardenia, I'm sorry you have been unwell lately, get well soon my friend. Nice that you read here and you are welcome.

I enjoy checking in at your blog for a read too. :)

Velu Nair said...

Its my first time here at ur blog, and I have been having a look around. It looks like a fun place to spend some time on, and I am sure I wud eb back for more.. Thx!


Augs Casa said...

Good for you mate!! Sorry, I fancy Chelsea because my mates across the pond keep pounding it in my head. I'm glad Blackpool won. I have to tell you mate, you sound like a little boy in a candy store you sound so happy.

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you velu nair for your visit to my site. I look forward to your return for you are always welcome. Please read my poetry site too and enjoy. :)


Eric Valentine said...

Hi Augs, I am really a Manchester united fan most of the time, Blackpool is the place I used to live many years ago.

Being a kid in the candy store keeps one young my friend!! Thanks for the visit. ;))