Wednesday, September 26, 2007


About a week ago now one of our neighbors endowed us with a gift of this very sizeable zucchini. This monster had to be about four feet long and weighed almost as much as me. The first question that came out of me was, where the blazes are we going to put that thing! Second I asked the wife, why? Why did you even say yes, I swear I don’t know what she was thinking of. So for two days ‘it’ resided on the end of the dining room table. (I’m sure if it was plotting to take over the whole house.) believe me it can be quite intimidating trying to eat a meal with that thing giving you the once over.
I know you can carve a pumpkin, I guess we could carve the zucchini, that would get rid of half of it at least.
The wife likes those things, can’t you tell I have no time for them. ~ Zucchini always reminds me of a cucumber that went rampant with the hormone pills!

On day four Elizabeth decided that she would have some of that monster fried, I declined, though I admit it did smell pretty decent when she cooked it.

So the monster now, somewhat subdued and smaller in length, graduated to the kitchen counter not that we have a lot of space to start with. Of course the cut end was covered, but even that didn’t stop it from discoloring slightly. Out came the knife and some more bit the dust, unfortunately, now the size would at a squeeze, fit into the fridge! ~ Oh no not that I said to the missus, it’ll contaminate the rest of the food. ~ She gives me one of those patented over the spectacles looks, the ones that say’s you’re crazy! I smile, for this is my way of teasing her about the monster.


Have you ever had a period of time when things don’t just feel the way they should? The last few days have been that way for me, and I’m dammed if I can put a specific label on it. The problem I am sure is that I have COPD.
For the benefit of those folks who aren’t familiar with COPD let alone what it means or entails, I can try and explain a little. To try and keep things as short as I can, COPD is a respiratory disease and the only visible signs are, if someone is really SOB (short of breath). A favorite saying is, ”Sick Lungs don’t show”.
A person can get COPD in various forms as well as various ways. If you have smoked cigarettes/tobacco for any appreciable length of time you can end up with emphysema that is one form. Being asthmatic or suffering bronchitis at any level is another form. In fact if you suffer anything at all that interferes with your breathing, chances are you have COPD. A spirometry test will determine how badly you are effected.
The problem is that once you have the disease then you become prone to anything that goes round, by way of germs/bugs. This is because with COPD your immune system is compromised, therefore you can get whatever is going around if you‘re not careful.

So getting back to my being under the weather for a few days. It did not mean I was ill or sick again, it just meant I was under siege by whatever is afloat, for even the very weather itself can do it. If it is hot/damp/humid then that makes the air very heavy & hard to breathe. The cold can do the same thing too, for then it freezes your lungs and once again you are out of action.

Today was supposed to be rehab drop in, I didn’t make it because of the above difficulties. Instead then, we decided to try and go in the a/c truck to the a/c mall and pick up some needed med supplies.

On the way to town there was ample evidence that fall is upon us, with all of the changing leaves. This then brought to mind our visits to the park and the declining number of days left. We had hoped to get to the park again today, but the weather put paid to that idea. Still there we were driving along and thinking. I could almost see the park from where we were, so tantalizingly close and yet, so far off limits for today at least.
At the mall we took care of a number of things, and at least I got some walking in, which is good for me. We did get one real steal today at the ‘Cole’s bookstore‘, ‘Windows Vista for Dummies” book was on sale at 30% off , not bad when you can get a book like that for under $20. So now if the computer starts acting up, I can at least, whack it with the dummy book!

We also ended up at the food court and the tasty ‘Frisco Fries’ need I say more! I keep telling myself that the extra couple of lbs I have put on recently, is simply because winter is coming and I need the insulation, yeah, that’s what I thought too, that works if you’re a bear.

Guess I have to do a workout when we get home.



zirelda said...

How funny. I've always called the fall eating fest Bear Mode. Like I need anymore insulation?

My father had emphysema. I know where you're coming from.

I will definitely be back now, Eric.

newnorth said...

That zucchini sounds scary. lol, you could make it into a jackolantern for halloween :p

It must really suck to have to put up with COPD. I know whenever I have a cold, the thought running through my head is "if I could only breath." So I can't imagine.

Good luck with the hibernation :D

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Zirelda for your visits. I never heard that term before, 'Bear Mode', the insulation part I really don't need right now. LOL

Eric Valentine said...

Hi newnorth, that would make a sight the big Z and the pumpkin! That and a coal miners lamp! Can you just see it? hahaha

The COPD is a drag, but is manageable just takes more out of you thats all. :)

Augs Casa said...

Ok mate, How big was that zucchini anyways? I mean a photo would have been a good prop for this post. COPD does not sound like fun mate. I'm sorry you have deal with this and the weather changes do not help matters. I am a diabetic myself and with a disease that controls my sugar intake, yet, my medication deprives me of sugar sometimes I need to eat candy? I don't get it. I hope you feel better soon mate.


Eric Valentine said...

The zucchini was just short of 4 feet long & I thought about a photo, but then I figured a cartoon pic would be more funny.

I never knew you were diabetic Augs, I myself have a sugar curve, hyperglycemia. Many a time I had to grab a chocolate bar for a quick sugar fix, because my sugar droppped like a stone, and you felt hungry enough you could eat wallpaper!

Like any health problem though, education is Key. The more you know, the better to be able to handle it.

Have a good one. :)

Janice Thomson said...

My family brought home a humongous zucchini one time too - now I really love the stuff but by the time I was halfway through I had had more zucchini than I ever wanted to see for the rest of my life.
Here's hoping you feel better soon Eric - it's not fun to be under the weather like that. Take care.

Eric Valentine said...

Thanks Janice, I didn't try the zucchini.... Yet! Still, it did smell good being cooked. LOL

Today it's rain here, but I feel fine so far. thanks :)

Singing Stream said...

"I can at least, whack it with the dummy book!"


Love the bit about the zucchini jackolantern...LOL :^P

Eric Valentine said...

Hi SS, you like that with the book do you! That would be a last resort I hope you know. :)

The zac o lantern has a nice ring to it and the color is right. LOL

drips of paint said...

Fried Zucchini I know is very tasty ... i had it once.... but a 4 foot super size Zucchini ??

Now I know what COPD is, I am glad you are managing it well.... hope you have recover better already ....

well atleast your writing tells me you are in good spirit ... keep it up my friend... big hug for you:)

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Tim, yes almost 4 feet, that's what made it such a monster my friend.

Thank you for the comment on my writing.

Your cheerfulness always makes one feel better, you always brighten up the day. :)

Singing Stream said...

Zucchini fritters are good. You dip them in batter and fry'em...yummy. And if you shred some and freeze it, it can be used for Zucchini chocolate cake. :^D

::still picturing a candle lighting up a zucchini lantern:: LOL ;^D

Eric Valentine said...

Hey SS! Zucchini in batter eh, I really gotta watch my waistline you know!

A Zac-o-lantern, that would look good & set a new trend. LOL

Singing Stream said...

I think so too ;)

Eric Valentine said...

Singing Stream/. You are up early?late. :)

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