Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Pandora’s box

This saying is fast getting to be a habit, but this last week sure was a Pandora’s box of events.

To start, the weather certainly played its part being so hot and humid. The humidity + temp at times reached temperatures of 40c which is warm in any language. On a sad note there was the passing away of the guy upstairs.

On the bright side though we were able to get to the park twice during the week, Monday and Saturday. Stolen visits between hot spells.

On Monday at the park we had the privilege of running into a gentleman who with others, helps run and look after the park, his name is Brian. We had a very entertaining conversation about the park and learned of some of the more intricate behind the scene concerns. Things that one would not normally think to be related with a place like this. A very interesting man.

The real bonus though is that we are always able to come away with a few more pictures, memories of a glorious days visit. (clickable thumbnails.)

I guess fall is on its way. A sugar maple on the turn.

Such a nice contrast in colors.

What can I say COPDer's!

One of the many trails that one can take.

Not exactly the 'Bridge on the River Kwai' but hey, this is a great place all the same.



Leon said...


Great shots! One of the things I miss since moving to southern California is the contrast in the colors of the seasons. I still have fond memories of driving in New England in the fall oohing and ahhing at the reds and golds. Even the deep greens I have been seeing on this trip have been nostalgic for me.

Enough for the last morning in D.C. I'll be back in my own west coast bed tonight. :-)

Have a great week with a little less "excitement."

newnorth said...

The colors in the first two are amazing. Makes me think of the wildflowers in Texas. good times

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Leon, thank you for visiting on your holiday. Hope you have a good trip home.

Yes I guess there must be a difference with the color contrasts. Up north here, the seasons are so distinctive one to the other, it sure makes for a beautiful show.

Had all the excitement we need right now, today we took the truck in for some work. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Yes Newnorth, I too thought they were very impressive, you can't beat the color and a bright sunny day. :)

drips of paint said...

hi Eric,

beauuuuutiful colors...

you are so lucky to have such place around you... or these beautiful place is lucky to have you around to appreciate them ...

today we got a bit relieved after a hot spell ... last few days I had no choice but to use the air-con for I need to concentrate on my painting deadline. I usually dislike air-con. Anyway happy to say that my battle is over.

Your last commnet on my block is funny ... thanks and I do have a new post at my old painting studio now.

great memory to your glorious days visit .. yes I remember clicking and looking at those photos too.

click & clink to you and how is wife painting going?

best to you two!

drips of paint said...

Oh.. forgot to ask what does //pandora box of events// means? My english is not too good so need some help here if you don't mind.

swenglishexpat said...

I bet you are looking forward to some cooler weather. Autumn colours (sorry, British English) are beautiful. 40 degrees is awful!

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Tim,

Glad to hear the Battle is now over and you can settle down to paintings of your choice. We really do appreciate the fall colors at that time of year it certainly is a thing of beauty... ~ Nature ~ The ultimate artist. :)

A rough translation of Pandora's Box would be the "Modern Day can of worms." There is a better explanation at Google for it and is derived from a Greek saying.

Hope you can understand that Tim, if not let me know and I will email you and talk more. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Swen, good to see you are back, I hope you had a very enjoyable holiday.

Yes along with the beauty of Autumn colours, the cooler temps are also a welcome addition. ~ Of course after that though comes Winter! We just cannot seem to win my friend. :)

BTW I am English originally so Brit English is ok with me. :)

P.S. If you don't mind Swen I would like to link to your blog? Thanks in advance. :)

Singing Stream said...

Beautiful colors Eric and Elizabeth..great photos! Gosh it's nice to see you there. I'd like to see a photo of your sweet wife too. The leaves haven't started to change much here yet..but it won't be long now. The hummingbirds are almost all gone now. Just the odd straggler..We leave the feeders up for the ones up north that stop by on their way south. Another couple of weeks and that'll be it for this year. Gosh they took a cup of sugar per day all summer! Little bums...lol :)

Lovely reading you Eric...Chow fer now. Blessings......:)

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Singing, we really had hardly any hummers this year, lots of everything else though & a couple of newbies. The colors are always nice when they come. Right now it's just the sugar maple but the others are nearly ready.

I will have to ask Elizabeth how she feels about a pic though. :)

Hi to Foghhat.. :)


Athena-Liana Smith said...

Lovely photos. When I was a student in Buffalo I used to visit your neck of the woods very often.
Beacutiful country!

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you for your visit Athena. I am so glad you enjoyed the photos.

A wonderful blog you have. :)

Janice Thomson said...

Hello Eric

What lovely photos! Your blog is very interesting and I shall be back to browse more. Thanks also for your kind remarks.

Eric Valentine said...

Thanks for the visit Janice, glad you like the pics.

Please visit anytime, you are welcome to check out my poetry web page too.. :)