Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fateful times.

With that steely glint, in his eye at dawn
Sword in scabbard- always ready for play
Death paused to ponder this day’s end.
Another Battle, but what the prey?

Beneath gray clouds, of smoke and ash,
Twin Towers aflame, in angry wrath
Slowly at first, then with increasing speed.
Totter then Tumble, into mounds of death.

Shock and fear, then angers rise
Mounting sorrow, the World around.

Armies fight and soldiers die,
Faces blackened, soot and grime,
Oil fires burn, on the desert plain
The fallen lay, in foreign climes.

Beneath the night time, crescent glow
You snatch a breath, while feeling sad
One wonders just, what will come next.
In a crazy, spinning World - Gone mad.

Eric Valentine ©


Leon said...

Thank you Eric.

newnorth said...

nice poem (well nice I guess isn't the approptiate word)

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Leon.

Eric Valentine said...


Maybe not a approptiate word, but your sentiments are what is importent. Thankyou for the visit. :)

Janice Thomson said...

What a sad day for the world and in particular the USA though the shock here in Canada was as bad. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims of 9-11. Your poem reflects these thoughts and emotions.

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you for your visit and thoughtful words Janice.

With a tragedy of such magnitude, no amount of words can penetrate the stunned shocked silence of such an event.

Gretchen said...


Eric Valentine said...


One word, it says so much.

Thank you for your visit, you are always welcome. ;)

drips of paint said...

//what will come next.
In a crazy, spinning World - Gone mad.//

that was what in my mind too....

Nice poem Eric!

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Tim, I always appreciate your thoughts on my work my friend.

swenglishexpat said...

What will come next? Nothing as horrific as that, I hope.

Eric Valentine said...

That would be the dream Swen, but sadly, hardly realistic.

One can but live in hope and do the best we can.

If only people would learn something from all this, it's enough to make you spit!