Friday, June 1, 2007

A Blog About Nothing!

I think the weather was acting a little bit funny today, judging by the unsettled
people that I encountered around blog world. They all seemed to be somewhat afflicted with some kind of malaise. Come to think of it, I too had been feeling a little unsettled, without any reason that I could think of.

First I had gone to read a friends blog and found him down in the mouth, unable to write. Then I went to two more places and found a similar situation going on. Finally I thought of myself and my recent struggle to come up with a topic to write about. The weather lately had been very unsettled, hot and muggy, almost enough to make your ears droop!! So you can see, I had to blame the weather, for I don’t feel that I am in any kind of writers block at all! I made suitable comments at each place I visited. I even considered writing a mail to one of them, as sort of encouragement then decided against that idea.

Writers block can occur at any time and with anyone. It’s a fact of life and should be treated as such. As an example ~ I am writing all this right now, on a nothing subject ~ all because I had nothing else to write today. That is, until I did the morning rounds of the blogs! That gave me my topic for today!

When a friend feels that “This is the end of a writer” I am going to retort! That this is NOT the end of a writer! That is unthinkable and besides, there is no such thing.

I have been writing now on and off for just over 13 years. My writing back then consisted of poems, some philosophical ramblings and a couple of short stories based on real life experiences. Then yelp! ~ Writers block Struck!

Mine lasted for almost a year and like my friend I thought that was ‘my end to writing.’

In January this year I started blogging and it might even be said that I never really started writing until I got into the peace work of doing a blog! I got that I felt that I had to produce a different blog each day too.
Quite frankly that is very hard work after the novelty wears off a little.
For myself I try to write on a variety of topics because that way I am able to get a feel most times for a subject to put on paper. It also keeps people wondering what I will write next!

Everyone goes through the block though and they do survive it to become I feel, a better writer.

BTW I too have a book or two partially written, don’t know yet if they will ever get finished, but they may.



newnorth said...

are your books on nothing to? lol :p
I agree though, must be the weather.

Eric Valentine said...

haha! Hey! If Jerry Seinfeld can build a show on nothing! what the heck! LOL

Singing Stream said...

My prayer is that you will finish your books. ::nods:: :^D

Eric Valentine said...

That would be very nice Singing Stream and something I have been working on in my spare time.

Thanks for popping over and having a peek!