Wednesday, June 20, 2007

COPD What a Day

This last couple of weeks, the weather here has been pretty warm and quite humid. That, for anyone with COPD can be bad news as far as breathing is concerned. So at times like this, there are moments when you get the feeling that you are on the fast track to hell. Times even when you think the word ‘Win’ has departed your vocabulary.

With the hit and miss way my sleep pattern is through this COPD, there are times when I find it difficult to differentiate between night and day. I go to bed and rarely manage to sleep much longer than an hour and twenty minutes, then I am awake once again. COPD does that to me

Today is rehab drop in day, it's only once a week right now; that is until the extra day we've applied for kicks in ~ When? That is the question, I thought things would have been in place long ago. ~ Next time I will know better than go after something around budget time! ~

It seems like chasing a myth, in a maelstrom of moonbeams and misty dreams.

I woke as usual around 5 am and after that it was just restlessness. After laying there for an indeterminable amount of time I crawl out of the pit and make some tea. Today I hit the kitchen around 7.30 am but that was alright, for I needed to be out of bed early in order to get myself ready.

My morning started out okay, as I went through my usual routine taking my medication's. On a day like today the wife usually gets up soon after me and then we really get things moving along. Not today! ~ I guess we got our wires crossed and things were thrown out of kilter.

That's when things went sour for me, I had gone through the routine of secretion clearance with very little effect. Also I was struggling so much trying to get my SOB under control. Try as I may I couldn't get things together again, that’s when my enthusiasm drained out of my toes along with my breathing. Soon I ended up not really wanting to go to rehab, for all I really wanted was just to be able to breathe. ~~ I don’t usually panic, for that gets you nowhere. ~

Some days though things just don’t seem to want to move and believe me, then it’s very easy to panic a little, because you can’t get any air into your lungs.

That’s when Elizabeth arrived on the scene! “Have you been drinking any water?” Trust my honey to always have an answer. I have to drink lots of water for it helps to loosen up any obstruction. Once again I went through my stuff this time following her advice. Wouldn’t you know it, very shortly after it worked, so now I have to go or else we will be late!

So after all of my fussing, this was just another bad news event for me. I really do need the exercise because of my breathing, in order that I stay as healthy as is possible for me.

~ Just a day in the life. ~

Now I have to get my butt out of here!



newnorth said...

I can't even imagine! Glad Elizabeth is there to help you out. Good luck with the rehab today.

Eric Valentine said...

Thanks Newnorth. Rehab went pretty good and so did the day from there.

There is really nothing to get scared about with this COPD, for there's no escape from the obvious. One just has to accept their reality and handle things from there on. Sure, you can have a rough day at times, but it's workable. :)

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