Thursday, June 21, 2007

Rehab ~ Hawaiian style

When we had arrived at the hospital for the rehab yesterday, we had noticed that there was a huge sign set up on the boulevard near to the entrance to the grounds. Vaguely I had noticed it said something. Of course, being in the hurry I was in to get to rehab I didn’t really have any idea what it was all about.

Boy! Were we in the right place at the right time. We noticed a bit of action happening on the front lawn. A catering truck was setting up barbecues, cases of water, pop and potted plants?

The surprise happened when we were on out way out after finishing rehab just over an hour later. On reaching the hospital entrance foyer, there were all kinds of people milling around and a lot of them were dressed in differing forms of Hawaiian dress. I still I didn’t know what the occasion was.

I thought maybe the dressed up people were there to visit with patients in the hospital. After all we had bumped into a lady and a huge Newfoundland dog doing a weekly visit with patients in the hospital, on our arrival.

That’s when we noticed everyone outside on the grounds, with some sitting on the lawns eating. Music was playing from an outside system. After talking to a couple of people I was able to determine that all of this was a fundraiser for the hospital.

Apparently this local catering business from town came each year and put on a BBQ. When they say cater, they certainly mean cater!

They supplied everything for the event which was a steal at $5 a plate, with all proceeds going to the hospital. This was a most generous gesture on their part and must have been costly with them supplying all the food, music set-up, plastic plates and cutlery, lots of Hawaiian trappings and decorations all were freely provided by the business, for the fund raiser.

With the bbq setup on the centre grassy lawns and with potted flowers and the inflatable palm trees, it was heavenly! Really it looked just like an oasis in the middle of an urban asphalt jungle.

~ Most spectacular! ~

I tell you, yesterday I ate some stuff I had never tried before ~ remember I am an Englishman/Canadian and I love my meat n potato’s! Pretty much a creature of habit you might say, and at my age, not wont to try things that differ from my norm!

From the barbecue ~ chicken burgers with roasted pineapple.The wife reached for a bun and spread some curry mayonaise on it, then handed the plate to the smiling chef. "Would you like mango salsa on that?" 'Sure' she said, meanwhile, suspiciously I eye the salad, gritting my teeth ~ I spoon up some ‘baby spinach leaf salad‘…(normally I hate spinach) with mushrooms, onions and mango ~ Elizabeth asks about the dressing. The chef beaming, "Cointreau, orange liqueur without the alcohol". Then there was a choice of spring water or various fruit pops.

Dessert consisted of a choice of chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry homemade ice cream, two heaping scoops. Decorate for yourself with a selection from crushed oreo cookies, colorful candy bits, fresh caramel sauce, strawberry sauce and chocolate fudge.

I know! To heck with the calories!

I enjoyed every morsel of it! ~ Boy have I been living in the dark!

This is the link to the caterers’ with a number of recipes including the Hawaiian chicken.

Read and enjoy!



Augs Casa said...

EXCELLENT! Sounds like a ton of fun my friend. I am also a meat and potatoes man, but once in a while I stray away and try to eat something different. I'm glad you were able to enjoy yourself mate.

P.S. Me being hispanic and all, we love our mangos. My kids love them also.

Singing Stream said...

Ye Haw Eric!!! Sounds Heavenly! What a treat..glad you both enjoyed it so, and thanks for the link! :^)

Blessings my friend..

Eric Valentine said...

Yes it was a lot of fun Augs, I was surprised I enjoyed it that much. :)

The wife wants to know how you pick a good mango when you shop? LOL


Hi Singing Stream, nice seeing you visit! Yes it was a nice treat ~ glad you like the link they have some good stuff alright. :)

Have a great weekend all!

newnorth said...

mmmmm sounds delicious! don't tell anyone but I had a choclate shake for breakfast today :) heeeeee

Stephanie said...

Wow! What a treat you both had. Sounded delicious! Glad you both had a wonderful time.

Stephanie (CC)

Eric Valentine said...

I'll never tell Newnorth! Now you can take the dog out and walk it off. LOL

Eric Valentine said...

Hey Stephanie! So nice to hear from you again. Hope you are enjoying the summer on the wet coast! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Eric!
This is the first time I have visited your blog, I’m quite new to the blogging world you see. Your blog entry gave me a wonderful insight to your life and I am so glad you had such a wonderful time!
Your entry was really witty and your personality shined through! I felt as if I was with you witnessing the event!
Thank you for such a wonderful post.

R2K said...

: )

Eric Valentine said...

Hello lajyseh, thank you for your visit.
You shower me in such glowing terms, a modest thank you my friend.
Please do come and read anytime you feel like, we are open 24/7. :)

Eric Valentine said...

R2K.. what can I say but thanks my friend.. :)