Thursday, June 14, 2007


Can you believe it? Whenever the weather gets hot and humid, you just know that you’re in for a violent summer storm.

Four or five days ago it rained.. The weather channel had given out a storm warning and this was the beginning. It wasn’t long before the wind picked up as the storm moved into the area and with it, the intensity of the rain increased. Soon things started flying around the place like tumbleweeds in a ghost town! Someone had reported earlier, seeing three funnel clouds in the area. That’s quite the storm.

The trees started to bend and twist, debris flying everywhere as leaves and small branches were ripped off and scattered all over the place. The rain was just pouring down in sheets and hitting the metal overhang with a noise like a hundred freight trains. Close behind was peal after peal of thunder followed by lightening. Suddenly the sound of thunder overhead and sphitz! Bang! Lightening splattered nearby and the power went out !

Earlier we had been trying to decide what to have for supper. We had reached an impasse on whether it would be steak, or as Elizabeth favored, lobster ~ I can’t stand the stuff yuk! ~ I’m a meat and potato’s man myself.

The advent of the storm had surely solved that argument at least! Guess you could say we certainly got 'Surfed and Turfed!'

A screeching whine rang through the air as the alarm on my oxygen concentrator went off. Announcing it had not been shut down properly. A clear indication our power was off. Elizabeth quickly switched me over to a portable tank.

Both computers shut down with a jolt, and an eerie quiet took over inside our small apartment building. Surprisingly not too many people were home. A call to the hydro soon confirmed that the whole town was down and would be for a little while. ~ So we wait.

An hour later comes a knock on the door. A kind neighbor concerned that I might "be gasping for air" decided to check to be sure. She too suffers asthmatic COPD. We explain to her that I am ok and good for about 2 days on portable tanks.

Another hour. ~ Looks like the steak dinner we had planned will have to wait. We don’t want to open the freezer, the wife‘s funny that way and how the humph! are you going to cook it!

Earlier Elizabeth had made a potato salad (to go with the steak) so we plan around that. Cold baked beans and I suggest, "Honey, remember that can of lunchmeat I bought". She gives me that look of horror. (I start rummaging around the cupboard for the can she had hidden! )
Really there’s not a lot of choice. ‘Canned sockeye‘, she perks up desperately . "Just give it a try", I win and offer to help. I open the can and slice the meat up nice on a plate.

My sweetie looks pale. ~ I think the sun just went down! ~

I ignore the obvious and serve the meal. A few minutes of silence elapses then, “hmmm not that bad really , how‘s your lobster honey?!” ~ I think I’ve seen that look on the MIL before! ~ I button up. ~



Singing Stream said...

LOL...that's a good story Eric! ~^~^~^~waves to Elizabeth~^~^~^~

newnorth said...

lol. great stuff. I used to love power outrages as a kid :)

Eric Valentine said...

hey! Singing Stream, thanks for visiting, glad you enjoyed. (((HUGS)))

Good seeing you too Newnorth. Storms can be fun as well as scary, ~ my mother used to cover metal things with a towel during a T/storm. :)

Augs Casa said...

I hope it wasn't long before you got your power back mate. I relish storms, they calm my nerves and relieve tension. Call me silly (silly) but I love listening to rain and thunder and enjoy the lightening. We been a bit of a drought here mate. Send some rain down here would ya.

Have a great weekend friend.

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Augs, the power was out about 4 hours altogether. Yes I don't mind the stormy weather at all, I get a chuckle about the people who cringe so much at the thunder & lightening. :)

Singing Stream said...

That's one thing we don't experience in the Maritimes, and to be truthful I miss it, being from Ontario. I have a relaxation CD that I put on from time to time, and there is thunder in it, and it surprised me just how much I miss that sound the first time I listened to it.

Good writings my friend...:^) Hugs

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Singing, That's strange to hear that you don't get thunder in the Maritimes.

Surprising the things we miss eh! I used to love to go walk in the rain years ago. :)