Tuesday, June 5, 2007

She has me in stitches!

For some little time now the wife has been going a bit crazy on the sewing machine. That is, she has been making all kinds of sleep wear! Trouble is there are only two of us in this family, so just how much can one wear in a week or two!

Just before last Christmas a limited number of these sewing machines came on sale. A fantastic deal to be had at 70% off. That is if you were quick off the mark and got in line in time! Elizabeth has never had a sewing machine of her own before and she’s always wanted to do more sewing and make some clothes.

That’s what made getting this deal so important to me, I wanted to please her with this surprise. (even though she was with me to help get it! )
Her goal is to make some dresses and other assorted attire.

You should have seen what we went through to get this hot item! We spent an hour in line, with me and my oxygen bottle fending off all would be jostling line jumpers, for they weren’t getting past me and my quest for the prize!!

Because it had been a while since she used a machine, she started with a pair of PJ pants, just so she could get used to sewing again and they turned out great! We have since been informed by the younger generation, they are not PJ’s but “Sleep Pants!” This then was followed by more sleep pants and more and more!!

She even made several sets for her Mom! Then dare I say, she ventured into doing Top‘s! Those too turned out very good, and so now she is really on a roll.

More recently she has taken to doing some alterations to a few of her things, you know shirts and tops, that kind of stuff.
In looking over what material she could use for an alteration on a particular shirt, she came up with a pair of never worn silken panty sleepwear. This she used to fill an idea for around the neckline!

Of course when I saw that I made a typical male remark, as I teased her about having her panties up around her neck!. Now she’s going kill me for sure!!

Plus my trade in value just went down!!



Margie said...

Hi Eric
So nice to be here again.
Loved reading this...as always.

Hope you and Elizabeth have a wonderful day.
Thanks for your visits....sorry I never got to do the tag.

Take care!


Eric Valentine said...

Welcome back Margie, it's nice to see you here too. Don't worry about the tag. :)

Hope you are well rested and enjoyed your break, do come again.
It will be nice to see you writing again.


Augs Casa said...

ah yes, the missus sounds like she can work miracles with that new machine. Good for her. Now if she can only rustle me up some Speed Racer sleeping pants, I'd be in my glory...ha ha ha

be well mate

newnorth said...

Nooo, I like PJs! sleep pants just doesn't sound the same. Sounds like shes have fun with the new machine :)

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Augs, I don't know about miracles but she is improving. Speed Racer pants eh! She could go into business! LOL

Eric Valentine said...

Yes she is enjoying her machine newnorth. Yeah sleep pants sounds far too posh! LOL

shades of twilight said...

I liked this a lot... and i wonder,where do you get these lovely cartoon pictures from... fitting so well to the articles...!
thanks for your visits to my blog.. take care..!

Eric Valentine said...

Hello shades' glad you like the post.

Whenever I need a picture/cartoon, I just 'Google images' just type in what you have in mind with the word cartoon.

Thanks for the visit.

PipeTobacco said...


I would be most pleased to have you link to my site. I had been planning to ask you if I might do the same for your site since I read yours regularly as well? It will probably be a week or two before I get up enough energy to dive into the HTML code to add links, but yours was one of about 4 new links I would very much like to add.


Eric Valentine said...

Thank you so much Professor, I have already put you in and will be reading you again. Have a great day.


Blue Gardenia said...

Hey Eric,
Nice story about sewing and sleepwear. Thanks for visiting my blog. You can link us up and thanks for your sincere friendship.

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Stewart, thanks for your visit, consider the link done already!

Thank you for your sincere friendship too BG. :)

Ron Morrison said...

Hi, Eric, bought my wife a fancy sewing machine a coupla years ago, there's a plant sitting on it.

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Ron, thanks for the visit.

I'm thinking that if your wife's machine was a vintage model and had wheels ~ you would paint it! :)

Singing Stream said...


Eric Valentine said...

Hey! Singing Stream.... ~ ^ ~ ^ ~ Waving.