Friday, June 8, 2007


Yesterday was quite a sad day indeed. The news when it came, still struck like a hammer blow. Strange really how things like that can effect people, even though all the indications were there and had been for some little time now. We sat there with bated breath and hoped just one more time.

Yesterday Phil died of COPD. With all his medical numbers reading as bad as they could possibly be, he still fought this monster and won himself many battles. Already he is sadly missed.

Phil was an online regular poster at a COPD forum that I frequent. A man very much involved with spreading the word and coming up with breathing techniques that would assist people who suffered with shortness of breath.

Phil was a native of Nova Scotia, Canada. I once told him that I would only eat apple pies made with apples from the Annapolis Valley, for I needed to gain a little weight.(Now I need to lose some!) He replied that each of those pies were lovingly kissed by the little old ladies that made them, before they were put in the oven to bake.

Unfortunately with an adversary such as COPD, the battles appear inconsequential, for the result of the war does seem pre-ordained. ~ Eventually ‘it’ wins.

One can help themselves as much as is possible, firstly of course by quitting smoking. Then treating the COPD with their inhalers and pills to help keep the airways open, rehab programs, regular exercising and eating a good diet.

What all that does is slow down the progression of the disease and buys some time. Sometimes it is a fair amount of time for a number of lucky people, but there are always the ones who no matter what they do, their number comes up. There is much that one can hope for and most people never give up the hope that one day, maybe a new cure will be found.

However with the passing of Phil, it just shows that everyone with this disease is one step closer to the door that he just stepped through.

Breathe easy my friend.



newnorth said...

Im sorry to hear that. He sounds like a great guy.

Eric Valentine said...

He was indeed a person that one doesn't forget so easily. To the many people suffering with COPD, he was a Giant among men.

Velu Nair said...

Sincere condolences!

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Velu.

Augs Casa said...

God Speed Phil. I'm sure you will be missed by many. Horrible thing mate. I'm sure you are sad, and rightfully so. When it time it's time, but fortunately for us, you mate will be with us for a long time.

Be well my friend

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Augs my friend. You are always such a considerate guy. Yes phil will be missed but like is said, 'life goes on regardless.'

I will do my best to be around for a good long time mate! I am fairly well at this time ~ one day at a time! ~

cheers too!

Margie said...

So sorry to hear about your friend's so hard to lose a friend.
I know you miss miss him.

Phil was from a great place!
The BEST place!
I was born in Nova Scotia, and have family there.
I'll be going there in Aug for two weeks.
I can't wait!

Take care my friend.
Be well!

All my best to you....always!


Eric Valentine said...


What a pleasant surprise visit. An even bigger surprise that you too are from Nova Scotia, now I do have a smile on my face.

Yes phil was a good online friend, he was a very engaging person in COPD and loved by many.

So you will be going home in August good for you, I'm sure you will enjoy.

Take care too Margie,

Eric :)

Singing Stream said...

((((Phil)))) I'm sorry Eric...

From Phil's home place...Nova Scotia,


Eric Valentine said...

Thanks for Phils (((HUGS))) Singing Stream.

It's good having so many Nova Scotians on the same page! :)