Thursday, April 5, 2007

Happy Daze!

My wife is always trying to save a buck, she gets more like her mother all the time!

Take today for instance. I had an appointment at the hospital, so she dropped me off at the entrance and went to park the truck. Opting this time for the meter parking instead of the regular parking lot. There were no instructions on the meters so she tossed in a loony .(Cdn Dollar coin) For that the meter registered just 15 minutes. In disbelief she now decided to move the truck to the $5 all day parking lot which we normally use.

After my appointment we drove to the mall, where she offered to treat me to lunch. Big smile, for she surprises me like that sometimes.

My pet name for Elizabeth is Barnacle Betty. Getting her to use her own money is like prying Barnacles off a rock!! Something that I blurted out one time, when I was teasing her about paying. It has stuck ever since! Off we go to McDonalds in the local Walmart (Good old Barnacle Betty said she had coupons) Once in the store we spotted a fellow rehab patient Fred sitting in the restaurant, a real likeable guy. Elizabeth who really isn’t too keen on sitting with anyone today, looks at me. Whispering to me as we approach Fred, to do the idle chit chat thing, that she will go do some shopping for a bit until the coast is clear.

I say cheerio to Fred, head to the washroom and then retrace my tracks to back to the restaurant. My dear wife having seen that the coast was clear is now at the cash parting with her money. Meanwhile, espying me from a distance, Fred comes back and cheerfully sits down with me! You should have seen Elizabeth’s face when she turned around. Oh well you can‘t win them all! We eat, chat and half a cold meal later we finish. Once more Elizabeth decides to leave us, again for a short while to do a little more looking while we drink our coffee. She dumps our tray in the garbage on the way out.

15 minutes later she returns complaining about forgetting her reading glasses on the table, she‘s always missplacing them. There's nothing on the table. We all look at the garbage.Uh, oh! Calamity! (Hence her second nickname 'Calamity' followed closely by 'Disaster' ~ But that's another story!)
Fred graciously offers to retrieve them. Barnacle Betty politely refuses and explains to Fred that they came from the dollar store, and apparently she has trouble distinguishing glasses from french fry boxes. She will buy another pair. That’s my honey!! She then proceeds to make a huge lettered 8x11 page re-write list as I dictate, what is on her small grocery pad. She’s mumbling, "I’m going to look retarded if anyone sees this list" At the bottom of the list we each add 6 numbers that we had picked for the lottery that night.

At the grocery store, I wait in the truck. Apparently she had to ask the clerk to fill out the lotto numbers sheet for her, because of the predicament over the glasses. He did and cheerfully said, "If you win, you will buy me a coffee?". She smiling, "I’ll do more than that for you" and then realized with horror what she had said bolted! ~ Hightailing it to the truck. ~

My honey so beautiful, but she can be so absentminded, at times!! LOL ~



Marthyan said...

Your love and affection for your wife is so well written

Eric Valentine said...

Thank you Marthyan for visiting once again and such a lovely compliment. Visit again anytime!


Augs Casa said...

I really enjoyed this post. I'm jut curious, "when" you win the lottery is B.Betty going to let you spend some of it?? I look forward to reading more of your posts. Be well mate. Since you're from England, is it appropriate for me to consider you a mate?

Eric Valentine said...

Hi augs! thanks for the visit. You do have a sense of humor haha that is so good to see. I am so pleased that you enjoyed this story, reading that always gives me such a boost. Like you I will have to see "if we win" the lottery for that answer. B.B is my life and what we have is very precious, we do have lots of fun with all the different happenings!

Yes you can call me mate! For to me that also means friend. Have a great weekend with your family augs. :)

Stephanie said...

Eric, I am thoroughly ehjoying your blathers. Keep it up! Have a Happy Easter to you and Elizabeth!

Eric Valentine said...

Hi Stephanie!

It is so nice to see you again. I am so glad you still like the "Blathers!" It does mean so much to me, that you visit and read. Thankyou.

Happy Easter to you too, and have a great weekend.

Augs Casa said...


I'm glad we are mates. I have several mates across the poud. We have an office in London and it's been a pleasure working we several people (my mates) who I have grown fond of but have not left the company. I do indeed love my humor. You know what they say, humor keeps you young.

Margie said...

Wishing you and your charming wife, Elizabeth a very nice Easter.
Loved this post, Eric!
Thank you!


Eric Valentine said...

Hi Margie! so nice of you to drop in, the Easter bunny came early!! Elizabeth says thank you Margie. :)

I hope you and the family have a nice Easter. I am very pleased that you enjoyed our trip to the Golden Arches!


Eric Valentine said...

Wow! I gotta get my skates on here. So many comments, it's so great and keeps me busy trying to catch up!
Thanks again for your post augs, nice that you have that kind of contact across the pond. I'm just starting a 2nd blog about where I grew up in England along with some pics ~ Stay tuned! ~

cheerio mate!